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Key Considerations: Socio-Behavioural Insight For Community-Centred Cholera Preparedness And Response In Mozambique, 2023

...health centres and cholera treatment centres Early identification of cholera is a priority for reducing mortality and morbidity of cholera, and for containing the outbreak.31,32 In cholera outbreaks, the health...

Guidance Note on Community Engagement for Cholera Outbreak Response in the East and Southern Africa Region

...health-seeking behaviour and less access to good quality information on cholera prevention and treatment. The Global Task Force on Cholera Control’s report, ‘Ending cholera: a global roadmap to 2030’ includes...
Background Reports

Knowledge of, Attitudes toward, and Preventive Practices relating to Cholera and Oral Cholera Vaccine among Urban High-Risk Groups: Findings of a Cross-Sectional Study in Dhaka, Bangladesh

...knowledge on cholera, its prevention and treatment and information on cholera vaccination among high-risk populations. The data also underscores the potential of mass cholera vaccination to prevent and control cholera....
BMC Public Health

Cholera Questions Bank

...in relation to cholera prevention and management is vital to: 1. Understand people’s ability, capacity and behaviour in relation to prevent and/or reduce cholera infection risks. 2. Support evidence-based decision-making...

Promoting community-centred preparedness and response to cholera’s global surge

23rd January 2024
...care, risk perceptions, myths and misconceptions. A community-centred learning approach Whilst the Global Taskforce on Cholera Control recognise community engagement…

Learning from crises: state-citizen relations in the time of cholera

19th February 2019
The cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe in 2008 was the worst ever recorded in Africa. There were nearly 100,000 infections and…
Background Reports

Seasonality of Cholera from 1974 to 2005: A Review of Global Patterns

...hypothesized causes. This paper reviews the literature on the seasonality of cholera and describes its temporal cycles by compiling and analyzing 32 years of global cholera data. This paper also...
BioMed Central
UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Comparing Sociocultural Features of Cholera in Three Endemic African Settings

Cholera mainly affects developing countries where safe water supply and sanitation infrastructure are often rudimentary. Sub-Saharan Africa is a Cholera hotspot. Effective Cholera control requires not only a professional assessment,...
Medicine for Global Health
UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Cholera Outbreaks in Malawi in 1998-2012: Social and Cultural Challenges in Prevention and Control

...Cholera database and zonal and districts reports was conducted. Interviews were conducted with district health management teams, health workers, and participants in communities in six districts affected by Cholera in...
Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Social Representations of Cholera in the Extreme Northern Region of Cameroon: The Case of Maroua I, Maroua Ii and Mokolo

An effective fight against Cholera requires an in-depth consideration of the knowledge, attitudes and social representations of Cholera within a population. Cholera outbreaks persist in the Extreme North of Cameroon...
PanAfrican Medical Journal
Evidence Reviews

Contextual Factors Shaping Cholera Transmission and Treatment-Seeking in Somalia and the Somali Region of Ethiopia

...on three main aspects of cholera transmission and treatment-seeking behaviours: Firstly, the social, economic and political vulnerabilities to cholera. It explores the political conflict and its role in shaping access...

Global Surge in Cholera Outbreaks

Cholera, a severe acute diarrheal infection, is a disease of inequity and poverty. Since the middle of 2021, an unprecedented climb in cholera cases associated with multiple outbreaks affecting countries...
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