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UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Comparing Sociocultural Features of Cholera in Three Endemic African Settings

Cholera mainly affects developing countries where safe water supply and sanitation infrastructure are often rudimentary. Sub-Saharan Africa is a Cholera hotspot. Effective Cholera control requires not only a professional assessment, but also consideration of community-based priorities. The present work compares…
Medicine for Global Health

Assessing Drought Displacement Risk for Kenyan, Ethiopian and Somali Pastoralists

This study represents an initial attempt to assess patterns of displacement related to droughts in selected countries of the Horn of Africa, specifically the border regions of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The study explores several scenarios to identify potential impacts…
Evidence Reviews

Is Settling Good for Pastoralists? The Effects of Pastoral Sedentarization on Children’s Nutrition, Growth, and Health among Rendille and Ariaal of Marsabit District, Northern Kenya.

The settling of formerly mobile pastoral populations is occurring rapidly throughout East Africa. Pastoral sedentarization has been encouraged by international development agencies and national governments to alleviate problems of food insecurity, health care delivery, and national integration. However, it has…
Evidence Reviews

An Analysis of Migration Health in Kenya

An Analysis of Migration Health in Kenya was commissioned by theMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS) and the InternationalOrganization for Migration (IOM) to provide an overview of the issue of migration health in Kenya. Information was derived from an…
Background Reports

Perceived Risk Factors and Risk Pathways of Rift Valley Fever in Cattle in Ijara District, Kenya

Ijara district in Kenya was one of the hotspots of Rift Valley fever (RVF) during the 2006/2007 outbreak, which led to human and animal deaths causing major economic losses. The main constraint for the control and prevention of RVF is…
Journal of Veterinary Research
Background Reports

Recent Outbreaks of Rift Valley Fever in East Africa and the Middle East

Rift Valley fever (RVF) is an important neglected, emerging, mosquito-borne disease with severe negative impact on human and animal health. Mosquitoes in the Aedes genus have been considered as the reservoir, as well as vectors, since their transovarially infected eggs…
Frontiers in Public Health
Background Reports

Interaction between Climatic, Environmental, and Demographic Factors on Cholera Outbreaks in Kenya

Cholera remains an important public health concern in developing countries including Kenya where 11,769 cases and 274 deaths were reported in 2009 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This ecological study investigates the impact of various climatic, environmental, and…
BioMed Central
Evidence Reviews

Research Update and Situation Analysis – Kenya

The Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium is an ESPA1-funded research programme designed to deliver much-needed, cutting-edge science on the relationships between ecosystems, zoonoses, health and wellbeing with the objective of moving people out of poverty and promoting social…
Background Reports

Zoonotic Diseases: Who Gets Sick, and Why? Explorations from Africa

Global risks of zoonotic disease are high on policy agendas. Increasingly, Africa is seen as a 'hotspot', with likely disease spillovers from animals to humans. This paper explores the social dynamics of disease exposure, demonstrating how risks are not generalised,…
Critical Public Health