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Evidence Reviews

Developing, Implementing and Evaluating the SOFIE Model: Supporting Increased Educational Access for Vulnerable Pupils in Malawi

Against the context of underlying poverty, HIV/AIDS and an over-stretched and underresourced education system, many children in Malawi have reduced and sporadic access to schooling and are at risk of...
Foresight Papers

A Dangerous Divide: The State of Inequality in Malawi

Malawi has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years, but the gains of this growth have not been spread evenly and the gap between rich and poor has widened at...
Evidence Reviews

Drought-Ravaged Malawi Faces Largest Humanitarian Emergency in its History

With 6.5 million people in need of humanitarian aid, this year’s El Nino–induced drought constitutes the largest humanitarian emergency that Malawi has ever confronted. It also brings the second consecutive...
UNICEF | UN0216103 | Shadid
Background Reports

Cholera Outbreaks in Malawi in 1998-2012: Social and Cultural Challenges in Prevention and Control

Cholera still remains a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in developing countries, although comprehensive surveillance data to inform policy and strategies are scarce. A desk review of the national...
Journal of Infection in Developing Countries
Background Reports

Innovative Vaccine Delivery Strategies in Response to a Cholera Outbreak in the Challenging Context of Lake Chilwa: A Rapid Qualitative Assessment

A reactive campaign using two doses of Shanchol Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) was implemented in 2016 in the Lake Chilwa Region (Malawi) targeting fish dependent communities. Three strategies for the...
Journal Article

Going viral – capacity strengthening in the context of pandemic(s)

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed focus on the importance of increasing momentum in addressing global health challenges, including the unacceptable burden of avoidable foetal and newborn mortality and morbidity in...
Journal Article

Covid-19 Riskscapes: Viral Risk Perceptions in the African Great Lakes

In this article we explore Covid-19 riskscapes across the African Great Lakes region. Drawing on fieldwork across Uganda and Malawi, our analysis centers around how two mobile, trans-border figures –...
Taylor & Francis Online
Journal Article

National policy development for cotrimoxazole prophylaxis in Malawi, Uganda and Zambia: the relationship between Context, Evidence and Links

Several frameworks exist to analyse factors which influence the uptake of evidence into policy processes in resource poor settings, yet empirical analyses of health policy making in these settings are...
Health Research Policy and Systems

Social, Behavioural and Community Dynamics Related to the Cholera Outbreak in Malawi

This brief is a rapid synthesis of socio-behavioural evidence relating to the 2022 cholera outbreak in Malawi intended for national and international response partners. It focuses on interpreting this evidence...

WHO Multi-country outbreak of cholera, External situation report #1

Since the last disease outbreak news on the global cholera situation was published on 11 February 2023, the global situation has further deteriorated with four new countries reporting outbreaks. In...
World Health Organization