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UNICEF/UN0303143/De Wet
Evidence Reviews

The Context of Sofala and Manica in Relation to Cyclone Idai Response in Mozambique

Rapid review question: What contextual factors (e.g. community structures and dynamics) are relevant in the urban and rural areas affected by cyclone Idai (Sofala and Manica provinces)? How do social and cultural factors shape communication and community engagement strategies across…
Evidence Reviews

Health-Seeking Behaviours in Sofala and Manica in Relation to Cyclone Idai Response

Rapid review question: What are the health-seeking and nutritional practices of the affected populations? How do they frame, understand and engage in prevention of cholera/AWD, malaria, measles/rubella (or vaccine preventable diseases); infant and child feeding and other relevant diseases? What…
Background Reports

A Rapid Qualitative Assessment of Oral Cholera Vaccine Anticipated Acceptability in a Context of Resistance Towards Cholera Intervention in Nampula, Mozambique

While planning an immunization campaign in settings where public health interventions are subject to politically motivated resistance, designing context-based social mobilization strategies is critical to ensure community acceptability. in preparation for an Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign implemented in Nampula, Mozambique,…
Background Reports

Where Are The Girls? Girls in Fighting Forces in Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mozambique: Their Lives During and After War

This study contributes to what is currently known about the experiences of girls in fighting forces as distinct from those of boys. It is meant to assist policymakers in developing policies and programs to help protect and empower girls in…
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
Background Reports

Transforming Policy into Justice: The Role of Health Advocates in Mozambique

Despite expanding policy commitments in many poor countries, health care is often a failure at the point of delivery. Lack of information, poor enforcement, and power dynamics prevent those whose rights have been violated from pursuing redress. In Mozambique, grassroots…
Health and Human Rights Journal
Background Reports

Interview with Francisco Songane: Evidence of Impact of Human Rights-Based Approaches to Health

Dr. Francisco Songane was Mozambique’s minister of health from 2000 to 2004. During his tenure, he oversaw the introduction of innovative strategies to tackle malaria and hepatitis B. In addition to ensuring the inclusion of HIV treatment in the public…
Health and Human Rights Journal