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Key Considerations: Supporting Better Governance of Flood Relief Efforts in Pakistan

The 2022 Pakistan Floods are a climate change disaster. Getting the governance of disaster and crisis management right is critical for relief, rehabilitation, and recovery and to prepare for future climate emergencies. This SSHAP brief highlight 5 actions to tackle…
Evidence Reviews

Key Considerations: Localisation of Polio Vaccination Efforts in the Newly Merged Districts (Tribal Areas) of Pakistan

This brief draws on evidence from academic and grey literature, data on polio vaccine uptake, consultations with partners working on polio eradication in Pakistan, and the authors’ own programme implementation experience in the country. The brief reviews the social, cultural,…
Evidence Reviews

Evidence Review: COVID-19 Recovery in South Asian Urban Informal Settlements

This evidence review highlights local responses, grassroots efforts, and challenges around COVID-19 recovery within urban informal settlements in South Asia. It focuses on specific examples from Karachi, Pakistan and Mumbai, India to inform policy responses for COVID-19 recovery and future…
Background Reports

Strategic Review of DFID support to the Health and Population Sector in Pakistan and Recommendations for Future Support

The objective of this strategic review is to produce evidence-based options and recommendations for DFID’s strategy for engagement in Pakistan’s health and population sector over the next 3-5 years.The report suggests approaches that will work with- rather than just through–…