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Background Reports

Lockdowns and easing of restrictions: What can be done to adapt to local contexts and protect those who are vulnerable?

This SSHAP-Africa CDC Webinar brought together representatives of the Member States as well as from civil society organisations, humanitarian actors and professional organisations
Background Reports

Changing Understandings of HIV and AIDS through Treatment Interactions

The problem of HIV internationally has many wide ranging impacts on people, communities and countries’ development. In the last decade antiretroviral (ARV) treatment has emerged as the major scientific-technical solution, albeit a costly one. Access to ARV treatment is of…
Background Reports

Childhood Vaccination and Society in The Gambia: Public Engagement with Science and Delivery

This paper examines public engagement with routine vaccination delivery, and vaccine trials and related medical research, in The Gambia. Its approach is rooted in social and medical anthropology and ethnographic methods, but combines insights from the sociology of scientific knowledge,…