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Information Preparedness and Community Engagement for El Niño in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region frptes

El Niño can be viewed as a multi-hazard event, and considerations for information needs cut across different populations and risks, including direct weather-related hazards, reduced agricultural production, greater food insecurity and malnutrition, increased transmission of infectious diseases and effects on…
Journal Article

Fishers’ perceptions of climate change, impacts on their livelihoods and adaptation strategies in environmental change hotspots: a case of Lake Wamala, Uganda

Fisheries resources support livelihoods of fishing communities but are threatened by over-exploitation, habitat degradation, pollution, invasive species and climate change. We identified adaptation strategies, which if promoted and their constraints addressed, could increase resilience of fishers to the influence of…
Springer Nature
Journal Article

Indigenous climate knowledge in southern Uganda: the multiple components of a dynamic regional system

Farmers in southern Uganda seek information to anticipate the interannual variability in the timing and amount of precipitation, a matter of great importance to them since they rely on rain-fed agriculture for food supplies and income. This system of indigenous…
Springer Nature
Journal Article

Climate Change and Young People in Uganda: A Literature Review

The review findings suggest the need for substantial youth informed interventions to bolster young people’s economic resilience and adaptive capacity given the worsening climate change and prolonged population growth.
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Climate change and variability: a review of what is known and ought to be known for Uganda

This review of scientific research findings aims to create a better understanding of the recent climate change and variability in Uganda and provides a baseline of summarized information for use in future research and actions.
Emerald Publishing
Journal Article

How Seasonality and Weather affect Perinatal Health: Comparing the Experiences of indigenous and Non-Indigenous Mothers in Kanungu District, Uganda

Maternal and newborn health disparities and impacts of climate change present grand challenges for global health equity, and there remain knowledge gaps on how these challenges intersect. This study examines how mothers are affected by seasonal and meteorological factors in…
Journal Article

Moral distress among Ugandan nurses providing HIV care: A critical ethnography

The phenomenon of moral distress among nurses has been described in a variety of high-income countries and practice settings. No research has been reported that addresses moral distress in severely resource-challenged regions such as sub-Saharan Africa. Through critical ethnography, this…
Science Direct
Journal Article

Motherhood and Social Repair after War and Displacement in Northern Uganda

This article considers the relationship between processes of return after mass displacement, and social repair. We look to the everyday as a space of negotiation and renegotiation of social relationships that make life meaningful. The article considers these propositions in…
Oxford University Press
Journal Article

Treatment-seeking and uptake of malaria prevention strategies among pregnant women and caregivers of children under-five years during COVID-19 pandemic in rural communities in South West Uganda: a qualitative study

Despite efforts to avert the negative effects of malaria, there remain barriers to the uptake of prevention measures, hindering its eradication. This qualitative case study explored factors influencing uptake of malaria prevention strategies among pregnant women and children under-five years…
BMC Public Health
Journal Article

Vaccine anxieties, vaccine preparedness: Perspectives from Africa in a Covid-19 era

Global debates about vaccines in the era of Covid-19 currently focus on questions of supply, with attention to unjust global distribution. At the same time, vaccine demand and uptake are seen to be threatened by hesitancy, often attributed to a…
Science Direct
Journal Article

Developing strategies to address barriers for tuberculosis case finding and retention in care among refugees in slums in Kampala, Uganda: a qualitative study using the COM-B model

Globally, displaced populations face an increased burden of tuberculosis (TB). Uganda is currently hosting unprecedented big numbers of refugees from the East African region. This study aimed at exploring the barriers to and facilitators for TB case finding and retention…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

‘Writing budgets for meetings and teas?’: a multitheoretical analysis of intragovernmental coordination for multisectoral action for health in Uganda

Coordination across policy domains and government agencies is considered critical for addressing complex challenges such as inequities, urbanisation and climate change. However, the factors influencing coordination among government entities in low-income and middle-income countries are not well known and theory-based…
BMJ Global Health