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Guidance Note 2: Seeking Treatment for Cholera in Somalia and the Somali Region of Ethiopia: Contextual Factors

The purpose of this guidance note is to support UNICEF staff in understanding the contextual factors (the practices, behaviours, social norms and wider factors) that shape risks of cholera transmission, being able to separate the social and cultural factors from…
UNICEF, IDS and Anthrologica
© UNICEF/UN0120005/Bradley
Background Reports
Field Notes

Cholera Fears Rise Following Atlantic Hurricanes

As hurricanes barrel through some of the most impoverished communities in the Western Hemisphere, and as floods ravage Yemen, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and India, now is the time to rethink and prioritize cholera epidemic prevention and response. In the aftermath…
Scientific American
Evidence Reviews

Contextual Factors Shaping Cholera Transmission and Treatment-Seeking in Somalia and the Somali Region of Ethiopia

The drought in the Horn of Africa and the protracted conflict has created a humanitarian emergency that has led to a declaration of famine in several regions of Somalia and the Somali region of Ethiopia. As a result of depleted…
Evidence Reviews

The Aftermath of Aid: Medical Insecurity in the Northern Somali Region of Ethiopia

This dissertation explores the lasting effects of recurrent temporary medical humanitarian operations through ethnographic research in communities, clinical facilities, nongovernmental aid organizations, and governmental bureaucracies in the northern Somali Region of Ethiopia.
American University
Evidence Reviews

Challenges of Post-Conflict Recovery!

This document highlights on issues of Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP) and health service delivery in northern Uganda.The report reviews an assessment surrounding the recent influx of asylum seekers and refugees from South Sudan to Uganda and summarises its key…
Refugee Law Project
Foresight Papers

Water-Borne Cholera Outbreak in East Africa and the Middle East

Doctors are concerned that an outbreak of cholera, which began in 2015 and spread throughout east Africa and the Middle East, threatens to worsen with the upcoming rainy season.
Future Directions International
Background Reports

Historical Parallels, Ebola Virus Disease and Cholera: Understanding Community Distrust and Social Violence with Epidemics

In the three West African countries most affected by the recent Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak,resistance to public health measures contributed to the startling speed and persistence of this epidemic in the region. But how do we explain this resistance,…
Background Reports

Fuzzy Expert Systems and GIS for Cholera Health Risk Prediction in Southern Africa

Cholera (Vibrio cholerae) is endemic in southern Africa and frequently breaks out in epidemics along the eastern seaboard. Extensive resources are directed at combating cholera yet it remains a significant problem. Limited resources could better be directed to prevent outbreaks…
Environmental Modelling & Software
Background Reports

Seasonality of Cholera from 1974 to 2005: A Review of Global Patterns

The seasonality of cholera is described in various study areas throughout the world. However, no study examines how temporal cycles of the disease vary around the world or reviews its hypothesized causes. This paper reviews the literature on the seasonality…
BioMed Central
Background Reports

The Case of Cholera Preparedness, Response and Prevention in the SADC Region: A Need for Proactive and Multi-Level Communication and Co-ordination

In this paper the authors seek to identify the most appropriate model for a regional co-ordination mechanism for cholera preparedness, response and prevention. The qualitative mixed-method data collection approach that was followed revealed the need for alternative solutions, including a…
African Journals Online
Background Reports

Interaction between Climatic, Environmental, and Demographic Factors on Cholera Outbreaks in Kenya

Cholera remains an important public health concern in developing countries including Kenya where 11,769 cases and 274 deaths were reported in 2009 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This ecological study investigates the impact of various climatic, environmental, and…
BioMed Central
Background Reports

Environmental Determinants of Cholera Outbreaks in Inland Africa: A Systematic Review of Main Transmission Foci and Propagation Routes

Cholera is generally regarded as the prototypical waterborne and environmental disease. In Africa, available studies are scarce, and the relevance of this disease paradigm is questionable. Cholera outbreaks have been repeatedly reported far from the coasts: from 2009 through 2011,…
Journal of Infectious Disease