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How can South-South collaboration improve responses to crises? Perspectives from South Sudan, Uganda and the DRC

29th March 2023
In this blog, Central and East Africa Regional Hub partners, Grace Akello, Leben Moro and Godefroid Muzalia share their perspectives…
Journal Article

Pragmatic Mobilities and Uncertain Lives: Agency and the Everyday Mobility of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

This article investigates the pragmatic, everyday journeys of South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda’s Palabek Refugee Settlement through a mobilities-focused analytical lens. Despite the repatriation of vast numbers of refugees, little is known about the diversity of refugees’ later movements.…
Oxford University Press
Journal Article

Patchwork States: The Localization of State Territoriality on the South Sudan–Uganda Border, 1914–2014

This paper takes a localized conflict over a non-demarcated stretch of the Uganda–South Sudan boundary in 2014 as a starting point for examining the history of territorial state formation on either side of this border since its colonial creation in…
Oxford University Press
Journal Article

Geographies of Unease: Witchcraft, Mobility and Insecurity in an African Borderland

This thesis explores processes of transitional justice as post-war social repair. It interrogates the multifarious quests through which Lugbara people of north-west Uganda seek to rebuild their intimate relationships and social lives, with recourse to explanations and therapies for suffering…
Science Direct

Mobile Livelihoods: Borderland dynamics between Uganda and South Sudan

This report from the Rift Valley Institute explores the dynamics of transnational movement and networks of kin of South Sudanese and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.
Rift Valley Institute
Journal Article

‘A situation of security pluralism’ along South Sudan’s borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo

By comparing how a security concern along South Sudan’s border with the DRC– the presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army –was interpreted and responded to, the article shows border security practices here are improvised, contradictory and contested, and serve to…
SAGE Publications

Cross-Border Dynamics and Healthcare in West Nile, Uganda

Against the backdrop of on-going preparedness work in Uganda as related to the outbreak of Ebola in DRC, this brief summarises key considerations concerning cross-border dynamics and health structures and behaviours in the West Nile sub-region of north-west Uganda. It…
Institute of Development Studies
Journal Article

Borders areas should be used, not feared, in pandemic responses

This article in African Arguments explores how Uganda’s pandemic experience shows how communities near borders come up with effective strategies for disease control, while resisting disruptive state ones.
Journal Article

‘A situation of security pluralism’ along South Sudan’s borders with the Democratic Republic of the Congo

This article compares two cases of securitization along South Sudan’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By comparing how a security concern – the presence of the Lord’s Resistance Army – was interpreted and responded to, the article…
Journal Article

Deals and Dealings: Inconclusive Peace and Treacherous Trade along the South Sudan-Uganda Border

Since Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed, its border with Uganda has become a hub of activity. Contrasting developments on the Ugandan side of the border with those on the South Sudanese side, the paper draws on empirical fieldwork…
Book Chapter

South Sudan-Sudan Cross-Border Relations. In: State Building and Development in South Sudan

As a contribution to international, regional and national processes aimed at informing state building in South Sudan, the African Research and Resource Forum in partnership with University of Juba, organised a two-day international dialogue called “State Building and Development in…
Background Reports

Guidance for Applied Cross-National Research in Under-Resourced Countries: Lessons from a Gender-Based Violence Intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Via a personal account of our experiences in conducting a study on a gender-based violence intervention in Congo, we share our lessons and offer recommendations (e.g., using multiple methodologies) for conducting applied cross-national research. We hope that as a result…