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Key Considerations for Responding to Floods in South Sudan Through the Humanitarian-Peace-Development Nexus arfr

This infographic summarises the insights from a recent key considerations brief on responding to floods in South Sudan through the lens of Humanitarian-Peace-Development (HDP) Nexus. The brief describes the multidimensional impacts of flooding on peace, health, livelihoods and governance and…

Key Considerations for Responding to Floods in South Sudan Through the Humanitarian-Peace-Development Nexus

In common with many other African countries, the Republic of South Sudan is increasingly experiencing devastating floods linked to climate change.1,2 The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) and El Niño regulate the climate of Equatorial Eastern Africa. In 2019, a dipole…

Information Preparedness and Community Engagement for El Niño in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region frptes

El Niño can be viewed as a multi-hazard event, and considerations for information needs cut across different populations and risks, including direct weather-related hazards, reduced agricultural production, greater food insecurity and malnutrition, increased transmission of infectious diseases and effects on…
Journal Article

The politics of risk policies in Dakar, Senegal

The paper presents research on the flood mitigation strategies of urban dwellers and the State in the same locality in the suburbs of Dakar. Through an Actor Network Theory approach based on a “translocal” ethnography of risk, the paper explores…

Condemned to live with one’s feet in water? A case study of community based strategies and urban maladaptation in flood prone Pikine/Dakar, Senegal

The number of poor and informal urban settlers in the world is rapidly growing, and they are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate. Therefore, understanding the nature and sustainability of locally adopted coping and adaptation strategies are…

Flood Assessment in South Sudan November 2022

Like many countries around the globe, South Sudan is facing unprecedented impacts of climate change. Since 2017, it has experienced heavy downpours which have resulted in rampant floods. For instance, between July and October 2021 alone, 856,000 people were affected…
Background Reports

South Sudan’s Devastating Floods: Why They Happen and Why They Need a Coherent National Policy

Drawing on flood incident data and climate change evidence, this paper argues that floods should now be viewed as a perpetual threat to lives, property and infrastructure in South Sudan. The author calls for immediate efforts to adapt and mitigate…
Background Reports

South Sudan’s Devastating Floods: Why There is a Need for Urgent Resilience Measures

Written in collaboration with Flood Management Initiative, this paper reviews the extent of the flooding in Bor Town in 2020. Using GPS depth measurements and discussions with local residents, the paper first charts the extent of flooding that year, before…
Journal Article

The Influence of Governance Rearrangements on Flood Risk Management in Kampala, Uganda

The importance of governance rearrangements (reassignment of positions, roles, and responsibility among actors in governance processes) and their implications on flood risk management has gained currency. However, much work has concentrated on building and applying frameworks to evaluate impacts of…
Journal Article

Perceptions and Vulnerability to Climate Change among the Urban Poor in Kampala City, Uganda

Climate risks and vulnerability continue to disproportionately affect the urban poor given their constrained adaptive capacity. This paper examines the urban poor’s perceptions and vulnerability to climate change in Kampala through structured interviews and focus groups with randomly selected households…
Policy Document

Climate Change and Conflicts in South Sudan

This study investigates the extent of climate change, variability and the incidents of climate disaster events and links with conflicts in South Sudan using meteorological data, records of conflicts, floods and droughts. The authors found that temperatures have increased and…

Key Considerations: Supporting Better Governance of Flood Relief Efforts in Pakistan

The 2022 Pakistan Floods are a climate change disaster. Getting the governance of disaster and crisis management right is critical for relief, rehabilitation, and recovery and to prepare for future climate emergencies. This SSHAP brief highlight 5 actions to tackle…