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Journal Article

Anxiety, Anger and Depression Amongst Low-Income Earners in Southwestern Uganda During the COVID-19 Total Lockdown

On 18th March 2020, the President of Uganda announced the first total national lockdown which included the international border closures; the closing of schools, private offices and banned public gatherings...
Frontiers in Public Health
Journal Article

Impact of COVID-19 public health restrictions on older people in Uganda: “hunger is really one of those problems brought by this COVID”

In Uganda, older adults (aged 60 and above) form 2.7 percent of the population and are amongst the poorest members of society without a steady income or state pension system....
Journal Article

The ‘good life’, personal appearance, and mental health of Congolese refugees in Rwanda and Uganda

Research into mental health and wellbeing recognises the role of positive mental health to enable people to lead healthy and emotionally fulfilling lives. Mental health difficulties continue to be associated...
Journal Article

A Double Stress: The Mental Health Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among People Living with HIV in Rakai, Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic presents complex, multidimensional challenges to maintaining the health and wellbeing of individuals worldwide. Mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for people living with HIV are poorly...
Journal Article

Mental health in South Sudan: a case for community-based support

Based on personal reflections of the authors who were engaged in mental health and psychosocial support programmes in South Sudan between 2013 and 2016, this article illustrates the constraints and...
Journal Article

Therapy in Uganda: a failed MHPSS approach in the face of structural issues

The past 30 years have seen an unprecedented rise in attention towards the mental health of conflict-affected populations. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the burden of mental disorder...
Journal Article

The Violence of Healing

This essay discusses violence and healing in response to war, drawing attention to the idea that violence and healing are often closely interconnected, and what may be judged to be...
Journal Article

Training Theories of Mind in Post-conflict Northern Uganda

In this article, I explore how NGOs train local Acholi counselors to work with psychiatric notions of trauma and practice counseling with local clients.
Journal Article

Silencing Distressed Children in the Context of War in Northern Uganda: An Analysis of its Dynamics and its Health Consequences

Children in northern Uganda who are the focus of this article were born and raised in the context of war. The research presented here is based on a one-year ethnographic...
Journal Article

Maternal Psychological Distress and Perceived Impact on Child Feeding Practices in South Kivu, DR Congo

Maternal mental health problems are associated with poor child growth and suboptimal child feeding practices, yet little qualitative research has been conducted to understand mothers’ perceptions about how maternal mental...
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“Our Hearts Have Gone Dark”: The Mental Health Impact of South Sudan’s Conflict

This report by Amnesty International describes the serious and significant mental health impact of South Sudan’s conflict to highlight the urgency for more attention and resources to improve the availability,...
Amnesty International Ltd
Book Chapter

Legacies of Violence: The Communicability of Spirits and Trauma in Northern Uganda

How may the spread of the biomedical concept ‘trauma’ as well as cen spirits in Northern Uganda be understood as part of syndemic processes of situated concerned responses to violence?...
UCL Press