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Evidence Reviews

Somali Health Care System and Post-Conflict Hybridity

The aim of this article is to contribute to this understanding of the wider health care system in a post-conflict Somali context, in particular in Somaliland. The fieldwork included participant observation and interviews of several local healers and their patients…
African Sarvi
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Preventing and Coping with HIV/AIDS in Post-Conflict Situations: Gender-Based Lessons

This briefing note summarises the rationale behind a symposium held in South Africa, which objectives were: to provide a quick overview of gender-sensitive practices which have been effective in preventing and coping with HIV/AIDS in communities in the aftermath of…
Linking Complex Emergency Response and Transition Initiative
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Where Are The Girls? Girls in Fighting Forces in Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mozambique: Their Lives During and After War

This study contributes to what is currently known about the experiences of girls in fighting forces as distinct from those of boys. It is meant to assist policymakers in developing policies and programs to help protect and empower girls in…
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
Evidence Reviews

Challenges of Post-Conflict Recovery!

This document highlights on issues of Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP) and health service delivery in northern Uganda.The report reviews an assessment surrounding the recent influx of asylum seekers and refugees from South Sudan to Uganda and summarises its key…
Refugee Law Project
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International Peacekeeping: Special Issue: HIV/AIDS and Post-Conflict Societies in Africa

Intorductory article to edition of International Peacekeeping which explores HIV/AIDS in post-conflict societies in Africa. It assesses the key aspects of these societies that contribute towards the spread and impact of the epidemic, such as poorly functioning national health systems,…

Rehabilitating Health Systems in Post-Conflict Situations

Although baseline data for post-conflict situations are frequently unavailable, there is a clear deterioration in the health conditions of populations during and following conflict. Excess mortality and morbidity, displaced populations, and vulnerability to communicable diseases during and following conflict all…
Evidence Reviews

Impact of Post-Conflict Development Interventions on Maternal Healthcare Utilization

We evaluate the effectiveness of a post-conflict development programme on maternal health-care utilization in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Our work varies from conventional impact evaluation studies because of the inclusion of two post-conflict psychosocial risks: the household’s actual…