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Evidence Reviews

Impact of Post-Conflict Development Interventions on Maternal Healthcare Utilization

We evaluate the effectiveness of a post-conflict development programme on maternal health-care utilization in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Our work varies from conventional impact evaluation studies because of...

Rehabilitating Health Systems in Post-Conflict Situations

Although baseline data for post-conflict situations are frequently unavailable, there is a clear deterioration in the health conditions of populations during and following conflict. Excess mortality and morbidity, displaced populations,...
Background Reports

Preventing and Coping with HIV/AIDS in Post-Conflict Situations: Gender-Based Lessons

The number and nature of violent conflicts in Africa, coupled with the HIV/AIDS pandemic, are negating many of the development gains achieved in Africa over the last 50 years. This...
Linking Complex Emergency Response and Transition Initiative
Background Reports

International Peacekeeping: Special Issue: HIV/AIDS and Post-Conflict Societies in Africa

Intorductory article to edition of International Peacekeeping which explores HIV/AIDS in post-conflict societies in Africa. It assesses the key aspects of these societies that contribute towards the spread and impact...
Evidence Reviews

Challenges of Post-Conflict Recovery!

This document highlights on issues of Peace Recovery Development Plan (PRDP) and health service delivery in northern Uganda.The report reviews an assessment surrounding the recent influx of asylum seekers and...
Refugee Law Project
Background Reports

Where Are The Girls? Girls in Fighting Forces in Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone and Mozambique: Their Lives During and After War

This study contributes to what is currently known about the experiences of girls in fighting forces as distinct from those of boys. It is meant to assist policymakers in developing...
International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
Evidence Reviews

Somali Health Care System and Post-Conflict Hybridity

Civil war destroyed the infrastructure of the Somali state, including health services. Rebuilding of the health sector is challenged by a shortage of professional staff, financial resources, and effective governance....
African Sarvi
Evidence Reviews

Review of the Evidence Landscape on the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Interventions Among the Rohingya Refugees to Enhance Healthcare Seeking Behaviours in Cox’s Bazar

This report is the first output in a body of work undertaken to identify operationally feasible suggestions to improve risk communication and community engagement efforts (RCCE) with displaced Rohingya people...
Journal Article

Family dynamics and implications for young people’s ‘struggles’ in rural areas of post-conflict northern Uganda

The Acholi region in northern Uganda experienced two decades of armed conflict and forced displacement. Based on qualitative field research, this article analyses the role of family dynamics for the...
Journal Article

The ‘marketplace of post-conflict assistance’ in Northern Uganda and beyond

A diverse body of different actors and stakeholders offers a multitude of services and assistance for conflict-affected communities in Northern Uganda. There are relational and interactional dynamics between providers of...
Journal Article

Forced Displacement and Youth Employment in the Aftermath of the Congo War: From Making a Living to Making a Life

This paper explores what it means to be young, displaced and looking for a job in a war-affected town of the DRC. It considers the livelihoods of young displaced migrants...
Journal Article

Negotiated peace for extortion: the case of Walikale territory in eastern DR Congo

War in the DRC has increasingly been explained as a means to get access to natural resources and as a strategy to get control over informal trading networks linked to...