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Journal Article

The Anthropological Rise of Palestine

This article traces the rise of anthropological scholarship on Palestine and/or Palestinians from 2011 through the present, providing readers with a comprehensive bibliography of anthropological publications related to Palestine over that period.
Taylor & Francis Online

People’s Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness

Research from 25 countries across six continents by over 50 researchers: What do people need to recover from pandemics? How do people think we should prepare and respond differently for the next pandemic?
Institute of Development Studies
Journal Article

Researcher Effects in Survey-Based Research: Insights from Research in South Sudan

The article contributes to the literature that argues that researcher effects also occur in quantitative research. It shows that in policy-relevant research reflexivity is necessary to strengthen research results. Researchers working in conflict-affected, impoverished environments, and donors requesting evaluation and…
Background Reports

Guidance for Applied Cross-National Research in Under-Resourced Countries: Lessons from a Gender-Based Violence Intervention in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Via a personal account of our experiences in conducting a study on a gender-based violence intervention in Congo, we share our lessons and offer recommendations (e.g., using multiple methodologies) for conducting applied cross-national research. We hope that as a result…
Journal Article

‘The data is gold, and we are the gold-diggers’: whiteness, race and contemporary academic research in eastern DRC ‘Les données, c’est de l’or, et nous sommes les chercheurs d’or’: la blanchité, la race et la recherche universitaire contemporaine dans l’est de la RDC

The humanitarian and development industry in eastern DRC and the demand for qualitative and quantitative research accompanying it have created a novel political economy of academic research. An array of research associations and private data collection firms have emerged to…