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Youth Groups and Urban Policing in the Eastern Congo

Across cities in eastern Congo, youth groups are involved in urban policing, operating between state and non-state actors and formal and informal governance. While some are responsible for improving security...
Rift Valley Institute
Journal Article

‘Instead of Begging, I Farm to Feed My Children’: Urban Agriculture – An Alternative to Copper and Cobalt in Lubumbashi

The collapse of a large mining company in the 1990s forced many unemployed workers in Lubumbashi, DRC to look at alternative means of survival. The post-mine era was characterized by...
Cambridge University Press
Journal Article

Re-conceptualizing sustainable urban sanitation in Uganda: why the roots of ‘Slumification’ must be dealt with

Country-wide urbanization in Uganda has continued amidst institutional challenges. Previous water and sanitation interventions have not addressed underlying issues of poorly managed urbanization, which is linked to low productivity, urban...
BMC Public Health
Journal Article

Rethinking access to land and violence in post-war cities: reflections from Juba, Southern Sudan

It is often assumed that violence diminishes after civil war. In fact, urban areas can turn highly violent. The new forms of violence that can emerge are widespread but poorly...
SAGE Publications

Courting success in HIV/AIDS prevention: the challenges of addressing a concentrated epidemic in Senegal

This article presents findings from a study of HIV/AIDS programmes for urban sex workers in Dakar, Senegal. The objective of the research was to assess HIV prevention and treatment efforts...

Problems endure despite policies: Urban livelihoods after forced displacement

This chapter considers issues related to urban development-caused forced displacement and resettlement and the legal and policy approaches developed to address them to assess what difference national and international policies...