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Evidence Reviews

Changes in Climatic Factors and Malaria in Uganda

The study examines the relationship between climatic factors and reported malaria cases using data from 12 districts in Uganda over the period 2000-2011. A panel dataset comprising temperature, temperature standard...
Journal Article

Land is now the biggest gun: climate change and conflict in Karamoja, Uganda

Places that are both recovering from violent conflict and dependent on natural recourses face the overlapping challenges of reducing the risk of recurring conflict, promoting economic recovery, and ensuring sustainable...
Taylor & Francis Online
Journal Article

The political economy of landslides and international aid relief: a qualitative investigation in rural Uganda

Linking environmental degradation in Bududa to political, economic, and social factors provides a broader context in which to view risk from landslides in this community, as a critical case in...
University of Arizona Libraries
Policy Document

Confronting a Life-threatening Pollution: A Guide for Credible Environmental and Social Audit of Petroleum Companies’ Operations in South Sudan

This policy brief discusses how the recently proposed environmental and social audit of the petroleum companies’ operations by the Ministry of Petroleum can be conducted to generate scientific evidence that...
Policy Document

Climate Services Model for South Sudan’s Rural Farmers and Agro-pastoralists

This paper analyses a pilot study which used regional climate services to provide farmers in South Sudan with user-friendly seasonal weather information to inform their day-to-day farming activities, based on...
Policy Document

Climate Change and Gender in South Sudan

This study analyses existing literature and empirical data (including rainfall, temperature, health and nutrition, and climate disaster data) to investigate the difference in gender impacts of climate-related hazards in South...
Policy Document

Climate Change and Conflicts in South Sudan

This study investigates the extent of climate change, variability and the incidents of climate disaster events and links with conflicts in South Sudan using meteorological data, records of conflicts, floods...
Policy Document

Land Tenure in South Sudan: Does it Promote Climate Change Resilience?

The authors analyse the South Sudanese Land Act 2009 with respect to its promotion of climate change resilience. Drawing on prior work and primary data, they argue that while the...

Impact of Nyiragongo Volcanic Eruptions on the Resilience to the COVID-19 and Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eruptions of the Nyiragongo volcano in May 2021 caused unfathomable damage, including loss of life and property, and displacement of thousands of people, affecting the city of Goma in particular....
Journal Article

Population Displacement and Sustainable Development: The Significance of Environmental Sustainability in Refugee–Host Relationships in the Congo−Brazzaville Crises

The Republic of Congo experienced repeated outbreaks of armed conflicts between militiamen affiliated to three main political factions, which affected the socioeconomic fabrics of the Congolese society until late 2000....
Journal Article

Local Communities Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies in Bukavu in DR Congo

Vulnerabilities analysis can help answer where and how society can best invest in vulnerability reduction. This study aimed at exploring vulnerability and adaptation strategies to climate change of local communities...
Journal Article

Perceptions and Attitudes towards Climate Change in Fishing Communities of the Sudd Wetlands, South Sudan

This study investigated local ecological knowledge concerning climate change in the Sudd Wetlands of South Sudan. Using semi-structured questionnaires, the authors found that South Sudanese fisherfolk perceived that they had...