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People’s Agenda for Pandemic Preparedness

Research from 25 countries across six continents by over 50 researchers: What do people need to recover from pandemics? How do people think we should prepare and respond differently for the next pandemic?
Institute of Development Studies

Announcing the fifth cohort of SSHAP fellows

We are excited to announce the 12 fellows that have been selected from 1,940 applicants to participate in the fifth…
4th May 2023
Pandemic Preparedness for the Real World: read the report.

New report calls for a people-centred strategy to prepare for the next pandemic

A new report from the Institute of Development Studies, UK, calls on world leaders to look beyond the conventional staples…
13th March 2023

Integrating social science into health and humanitarian responses in 2022

In this blog, we reflect on the milestones for the Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) in 2022.
19th December 2022
call for proposals

Call for proposals: cases studies collection on COVID-19 and the impact of behavioural and social science insights

The World Health Organization's (WHO) Community Readiness and Resilience Unit has issued a call for proposals for the development of…
16 November 2022
Event: Shifting Power in Pandemics

Event: Shifting Power in Pandemics

On Wednesday 16 November 2022 between 12:00-15:00 GMT, The Wellcome Trust collaborative Pandemics Preparedness Project is hosting Shifting Power in…

Introducing the third cohort of SSHAP fellows

We are pleased to announce the 15 individuals who will be participating in the third phase of the SSHAP fellowship,…
3rd May 2022

Learning from 2021 to achieve “equity everywhere” in 2022

27th December 2021
There is no doubt that as the world tentatively looks towards 2022, we are at a crossroads. We are still…
22 November 2021
Statistics in the Humanitarian Sector: Disasters

Statistics in the Humanitarian Sector: Disasters

On Monday 22 November 2021 between 12:00-17:00 GMT, the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, and the International Federation of…

One year on from the start of the pandemic and we are still learning

11th March 2021
A year on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we share some of our most read briefings to reflect…

Survey on Social Science for Community Engagement in Humanitarian Contexts

The survey is being conducted by UNICEF C4D with funding from the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs (BHA)
22nd February 2021

Participate in the Humanitarian GBV Risk Mitigation & COVID-19 Survey

The survey is being implemented together with UNICEF, CARE and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
18th February 2021