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UNICEF/UN011574/Ueslei Marcelino
Background Reports

A Gendered Human Rights Analysis of Ebola and Zika: Locating Gender in Global Health Emergencies

Globally gender remains a key factor in differing health outcomes for men and women. This article analyses the particular relevance of gender for debates about global health and the role...
International Affairs
Background Reports

Prioritizing Health: A Human Rights Analysis of Disaster, Vulnerability, and Urbanization in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince

Climate change prompts increased urbanization and vulnerability to natural hazards. Urbanization processes are relevant to a right to health analysis of natural hazards because they can exacerbate pre-disaster inequalities that...
Health and Human Rights Journal
Background Reports

Measuring the Way Forward in Haiti: Grounding Disaster Relief in the Legal Framework of Human Rights

This article provides results from an online survey of humanitarian workers and volunteers that was conducted in May and June 2010. The purpose of the survey was to understand how...
Health and Human Rights Journal
Background Reports

Health through People’s Empowerment: A Rights-Based Approach to Participation

Analysis of the academic discourse on participation, empowerment, and the right to health since the 1978 Alma-Ata International Conference on Primary Health Care and the subsequent Alma-Ata Declaration shows that...
Health and Human Rights Journal
Evidence Reviews

Determinants of the Lethality of Climate-Related Disasters in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM): A Cross-Country Analysis

Floods and storms are climate-related hazards posing high mortality risk to Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nations. However risk factors for their lethality remain untested. We conducted an ecological study investigating risk...
Background Reports

Rapid Monitoring in Vaccination Campaigns during Emergencies: The post-Earthquake Campaign in Haiti

The earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010 caused 1.5 million people to be displaced to temporary camps. The Haitian Ministry of Public Health and Population and global immunization partners...
Foresight Papers

Hurricane Matthew: Haiti Needs Vaccines to Stop Deadly Cholera Spreading

9,000 people died in Haiti’s last cholera outbreak. We must act fast in disaster-affected hotspots to help prevent history repeating itself.
The Guardian
Evidence Reviews

Culture and Mental Health in Haiti

This paper reviews and summarizes the available literature on Haitian mental health and mental health services. This review was conducted in light of the Haitian earthquake in January 2010. We...
Evidence Reviews

Characteristics of the Colombian Armed Conflict and the Mental Health of Civilians Living in Active Conflict Zones

The fact that the Colombian armed conflict has continued for almost five decades there is still very little information on how it affects the mental health of civilians. Although it...
BioMed Central
© UNICEF/UN0120005/Bradley
Background Reports
Field Notes

Cholera Fears Rise Following Atlantic Hurricanes

As hurricanes barrel through some of the most impoverished communities in the Western Hemisphere, and as floods ravage Yemen, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh and India, now is the time to rethink...
Scientific American
UNICEF/UNI178349/La Rose

An Analysis of Community Perceptions of Mosquito-Borne Disease Control and Prevention in Sint Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands

In the Caribbean, mosquito-borne diseases are a public health threat. In Sint Eustatius, dengue, Chikungunya and Zika are now endemic. To control and prevent mosquito-borne diseases, the Sint Eustatius Public...
Andre Borges | Agência Brasília

Ethical Challenges for International Collaborative Research Partnerships in the Context of the Zika Outbreak in the Dominican Republic: A Qualitative Case Study

The establishment of international collaborative research partnerships in times of infectious disease outbreaks of international importance has been considered an ethical imperative. Frail health research systems in low- and middle-income...
Health Research Policy and Systems