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Policy Document

National Ebola Recovery Strategy for Sierra Leone 2015–2017

The Sierra Leone government’s immediate post-Ebola strategy for rebuilding the health system during and after the 2014-16 Ebola epidemic

Imagining HIV/AIDS: morality and perceptions of personal risk in Nigeria

The disparity between people’s knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the extent to which they take measures to protect themselves is one of the most vexing issues for public health workers and social science analysts. This paper aims to explain some of…

Discriminate biopower and everyday biopolitics: views on sickle cell testing in Dakar

Many physicians in Senegal and France, where most Senegalese sickle cell specialists are partially trained, assume that genetic testing that could imply selective abortion for people with sickle cell would run counter to the religious and cultural ethics of people…

“Right tool,” wrong “job”: Manual vacuum aspiration, post-abortion care and transnational population politics in Senega

The “rightness” of a technology for completing a particular task is negotiated by medical professionals, patients, state institutions, manufacturing companies, and non-governmental organizations. This paper shows how certain technologies may challenge the meaning of the “job” they are designed to…

Community health care workers in pursuit of TB: Discourses and dilemmas

Community-led tuberculosis (TB) active case finding is widely promoted, heavily funded, but many efforts fail to meet expectations. The underlying reasons why TB symptom screening programs underperform are poorly understood. This study examines Nigerian stakeholders’ insights to characterize the mechanisms,…

Vaccine anxieties, vaccine preparedness: Perspectives from Africa in a Covid-19 era

Global debates about vaccines as a key element of pandemic response and future preparedness in the era of Covid-19 currently focus on questions of supply, with attention to global injustice in vaccine distribution and African countries as rightful beneficiaries of…
Journal Article

Youths’ violent resistance of necropolitical landscape of COVID-19 in Nigeria’s vanishing foodscapes and waterscapes

This article interrogates the necropolitical landscape of COVID-19 in Nigeria. The article explores how the landscape emerges at the intersection of COVID-19 regime and structural violence and materializes in foodscapes and waterscapes of the country. These changes ultimately impose the…
Journal Article

Youth, sin and sex in Nigeria: Christianity and HIV/AIDS-related beliefs and behaviour among rural-urban migrants

In Nigeria, popular understandings of HIV/AIDS and individual risk assessment and behaviour unfold within an interpretative grid that draws on a religious moral framework. This paper reports results from a two‐year study of HIV/AIDS‐related beliefs and behaviour among adolescent and…
Background Reports

Your Pocket Is What Cures You: The Politics of Health in Senegal

In the wake of structural adjustment programs in the 1980s and health reforms in the 1990s, the majority of sub-Saharan African governments spend less than ten dollars per capita on health annually, and many Africans have limited access to basic…
Journal Article

“You have to find a caring man, like your father!” Gendering sickle cell and refashioning women’s moral boundaries in Sierra Leone

This qualitative study undertaken in 2018, explores if and how sickle cell disorders become gendered in Sierra Leone through the analytical framework of a feminist ethics of care.
Journal Article

Xenophobia’s Contours During an Ebola Epidemic: Proximity and the Targeting of Peul Migrants in Senegal

This article examines the effect of geographical proximity on targeting patterns during Ebola-era xenophobic outbursts by Senegalese against a migrant Peul population of Guinean origins. It highlights the limited extent to which epidemics shape the micro-dynamics of outbreaks of xenophobia…
Background Reports

Women,Peace and Casamance – A field study of how women organisations in Casamance, Senegal are working for peace

Drawing on feminist critical theory, this ethnographic study in Casamance examined how gender roles affect women and women organisations strive for peace. The research shows how embedded gender roles in the Senegalese society and the patriarchal system dominate, making it…