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Photo story

Photo story: Views of Mpox in Nigeria

Mpox (previously known as monkeypox) was first ‘discovered’ in 1958, though it’s only in the past year that it’s gained significant international public attention. The disease can have very visible...

Civilian perception of the role of the military in Nigeria’s 2014 Ebola outbreak and health-related responses in the North East region

Civilian–military relations play an important yet under-researched role in low-income and middle-income country epidemic response. One crucial component of civilian–military relations is defining the role of the military. This paper...

It’s Only a Matter of Hope: Rethinking Migration Decision-Making in Contemporary Senegal; Among Lived Immobilities, Development Interventions, and Social Inequalities

This article stems from ethnographic research conducted in three Senegalese contexts: Louga, Diaobé, and the Saloum Islands. The underemployment of young people, deagrarianization, and other phenomena are intertwined with a...

Non-use of modern contraceptives among women in humanitarian contexts: evidence from a qualitative study in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

The continuing conflict situation in Nigeria have created over 2 million displaced persons. In 2019, women and children accounted for about 80% of the internally displaced population in the country....

Patronage, partnership, voluntarism: Community-based health insurance and the improvisation of universal health coverage in Senegal

The turn towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the past decade raises the question of the role of the state, following years of state withdrawal and a fragmented approach to...
Journal Article

Social construction of climate change and adaptation strategies among Senegalese artisanal fishers: Between empirical knowledge, magico-religious practices and sciences

African Atlantic countries are among the most vulnerable to global climate change (CC). Artisanal fishers are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of environmental change on the fisheries on which their...
Journal Article

Subversive Epidemiology in Abortion Care: Reproductive Governance from the Global to the Local in Argentina and Senegal

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in Argentina and Senegal, this paper explores how health workers have adapted the global postabortion care model in ways that simultaneously challenge and reinforce national prohibitions...
Journal Article

Treatment success or failure in children and adolescents born with HIV in rural Senegal: An anthropological perspective

The article presents the results of an anthropological study that aims to examine the modalities of medical and social care for CALHIV, identify the various structural and social determinants of...
Journal Article

Unintended consequences of implementing non-pharmaceutical interventions for the COVID-19 response in Africa: experiences from DRC, Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda

The coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic is one of the most terrifying disasters of the 21st century. The non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) implemented to control the spread of the disease had numerous...
Journal Article

Why I Have Not Taken the COVID-19 Vaccine” a Descriptive Qualitative Study of Older Adults’ Perceived Views of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Nigeria

Globally, the COVID-19 vaccine uptake is increasing, but slowly among older adults residing in lower and middle-income countries, including Nigeria. Following this, we explored the perceived views of older adults...

Vaccine anxieties, vaccine preparedness: Perspectives from Africa in a Covid-19 era

Global debates about vaccines as a key element of pandemic response and future preparedness in the era of Covid-19 currently focus on questions of supply, with attention to global injustice...