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WFP/Claire Nevill

The rich people’s virus? Latest reflections from Zimbabwe

10th February 2021
In contrast to the rest of the world, people in Zimbabwe are wondering why the virus is hitting the urban…
Trocaire/Ben Mahaka

Can Zimbabwe survive a second wave of COVID-19?

7th January 2021
Zimbabwe is facing a second wave of the virus driven by the new variant coming from South Africa
Ian Scoones/Zimbabweland

Viral politics and economics in Zimbabwe

30th July 2020
The effects of lockdown combined with an already deteriorating economy causes issues for Zimbabwe
KB Mpofu / ILO | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe: ‘We are good at surviving, but things are really tough’

17th June 2020
Reflections on recent conversations with colleagues in Zimbabwe.
Constance Mackworth-Young

‘Here, we cannot practice what is preached’: Experiences of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe

22nd May 2020
An under-resourced Zimbabwean health system is sagging under the weight of existing health and economic issues.

Learning from crises: state-citizen relations in the time of cholera

19th February 2019
The current crisis – including a recent, but thankfully more contained, cholera outbreak starting in September last year – is of course…
Background Reports

Structural Drivers of Vulnerability to Zoonotic Disease in Africa

This paper argues that addressing the underlying structural drivers of disease vulnerability is essential for a ‘One Health’ approach to tackling zoonotic diseases in Africa. Through three case studies-trypanosomiasis in Zimbabwe, Ebola and Lassa Fever in Sierra Leone and Rift…
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
Evidence Reviews

Health, Shocks and Poverty Persistence

In this paper we review the evidence on the impact of large shocks, such as drought, on child and adult health, with particular emphasis on Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Our focus is on the impact of shocks on long-term outcomes, and…
Evidence Reviews

Research Update and Situation Analysis – Zimbabwe

The Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium is an ESPA1-funded research programme designed to deliver much-needed, cutting-edge science on the relationships between ecosystems, zoonoses, health and wellbeing with the objective of moving people out of poverty and promoting social…
Evidence Reviews

Zimbabwe 2008-2009 Cholera Outbreak Crisis Review

This After Action Review (AAR) covered CARE’s responses to the Cholera Crisis in Zimbabwe from 2008 to 2009. The purpose of this AAR is to contribute to CARE’s understanding of the cholera response, and to help promote learning and accountability…
Background Reports

Zoonotic Diseases: Who Gets Sick, and Why? Explorations from Africa

Global risks of zoonotic disease are high on policy agendas. Increasingly, Africa is seen as a 'hotspot', with likely disease spillovers from animals to humans. This paper explores the social dynamics of disease exposure, demonstrating how risks are not generalised,…
Critical Public Health