The Social Science in Humanitarian Action Platform (SSHAP) Fellowship Programme is for future leaders in social science seeking to apply their knowledge to humanitarian emergencies in locally relevant ways.

The SSHAP Fellowship Programme plays a key role in helping to realise SSHAP’s work to encourage emergency responses which are effective, adaptive, contextually informed and based on social and interdisciplinary science and evidence.

Launched in February 2021, the programme pairs social scientists with practitioners in the same region to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.

SSHAP Fellows benefit from working closely with leading thinkers and practitioners from within the SSHAP partnership and a tailored professional training programme.

47 social scientists and practitioners from around the world have so far participated in the SSHAP Fellowship Programme, with SSHAP running its first Francophone fellowship programme in 2022. Additionally, from February – April 2024, a further 12 fellows are participating in the first Arabic language Fellowship.

Fellowship cohorts

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Fellowship Content

Flyer advertising the Decolonising Humanitarian Action webinar
14 December 2023
Decolonising Humanitarian Action: A Multiplicity of Meanings, Modes and Methods
On 14 December 2023, this webinar, led by SSHAP Fellows, explored the multiple and emerging meanings, modes and methods for decolonising aid and emergency response. Le 14 décembre 2023, ce webinaire, animé par les boursiers SSHAP, explorera les significations, modes et méthodes multiples et émergents pour décoloniser l'aide et les…