Place: AIIMS - All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, City: New Delhi, State: Delhi, Country: India. 01 March 2021. 30y old Rahul Kadyan recives his covid 19 vaccine at All India Institute Of Medical Sciences during the COVID 19 vaccine drive in New Delhi, Delhi. UNICEF India/2021/Kuldeep Rohilla

In the latest episode of IDS’ Between the Lines Podcast, Melissa Leach joins Anthropologist and Founding Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project Heidi Larson to discuss her new book Stuck: How Vaccine Rumors Start and Why They Don’t Go Away.

Touching on some of the controversies that formed the backdrop for writing the book, Melissa and Heidi discuss the history and reasons behind hesitancy and misinformation around vaccines. They talk about how attention to social factors is crucial to understanding and dispelling rumours around vaccine safety.

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This conversation makes a clear call to action to foster a conscious and critical public that listens to and learns from each other in order to cut through misinformation and restore confidence in vaccines.

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Heidi Larson is an anthropologist and the founding director of the Vaccine Confidence Project – a project that monitors and evaluates public confidence in immunisation programmes through early detection of public concerns around vaccines.

Melissa Leach is a geographer and social anthropologist, director of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), and Principal Investigator of SSHAP.