UNICEF | UN0216198 | Naftalin
a UNICEF Education Officer, instructs children how to properly wash their hands at Ikenge School in Mbandaka.
UNICEF | UN0216198 | Naftalin

F1000Research have recently announced the creation of a new Disease Outbreaks Gateway.

Juliet Bedford, Founder and Director of Anthrologica, has been contributing to the Gateway by submitting the latest resources from the Social Science for Humanitarian Action platform on Ebola.

The contributions of the platform to the Gateway are referred to in Michael Markie’s F1000Research blog and Juliet is quoted as saying:

“In the context of a public health emergency, it is vital that information from researchers, institutes and public health agencies is shared as widely as possible. We need to make information available to responders, both globally and in country, so that the growing evidence base can help shape interventions and we can collaborate effectively to stop disease transmission and improve health outcomes.”

You can access the Disease Outbreaks Gateway here, submit articles, documents, posters and slides here, and you can access the resources on Ebola from the Social Science for Humanitarian Action platform here.