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WHO Multi-country outbreak of cholera, External situation report #1

This report summarises the current status of the cholera outbreak across 24 countries that are reporting cases. WHO has assessed the global risk level as very high.
World Health Organization
Pandemic Preparedness for the Real World: read the report.

New report calls for a people-centred strategy to prepare for the next pandemic

A new report from the Institute of Development Studies, UK, calls on world leaders to look beyond the conventional staples…
13th March 2023
Journal Article

‘There Were Moments We Wished She Could Just Die’: The Highly Gendered Burden of Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda

Nodding Syndrome (NS) occurs within a wide spectrum of epilepsies seen in onchocerciasis endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa. It has debilitating consequences on affected individuals and increases the socio-economic, physical and psychological burden on care-givers and their households, diminishing their…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Evaluation of public health surveillance systems in refugee settlements in Uganda, 2016-2019: lessons learned

Civil wars in the Great Lakes region resulted in massive displacement of people to neighboring countries including Uganda. With associated disease epidemics related to this conflict, a disease surveillance system was established aiming for timely detection of diseases and rapid…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

Gender relations and women’s reproductive health in South Sudan

Drawing on Connell’s relational theory of gender, the authors of this study conducted focus group discussion and interviews with Fertit women in South Sudan concerning their ability to control their reproductive lives. Women reported little choice over the childbearing demands…
Journal Article

Health Sector Recovery in Early Post-Conflict Environments: Experience from Southern Sudan

Health sector recovery in post-conflict settings presents an opportunity for reform: analysis of policy processes can provide useful lessons. The case of southern Sudan is assessed through interviews, literature review, and by drawing on experiences of former technical advisers to…
Journal Article

The Oughtness of Care: Fear, Stress, and Caregiving during the 2000–2001 Ebola Outbreak in Gulu, Uganda

In this article we introduce the term oughtness of care to show how caring for sick relatives was experienced in the context of the Ebola outbreak in Gulu, Uganda, in 2000–2001.
Journal Article

Dirty Things: Spiritual Pollution and Life after the Lord’s Resistance Army

Drawing on insights gleaned from ethnographic fieldwork over the last decade, we focus here on targeted research from January to August 2014 with former LRA individuals who were part of a bigger study of clients at an ex-combatant reception centre.…
Journal Article

Silencing Distressed Children in the Context of War in Northern Uganda: An Analysis of its Dynamics and its Health Consequences

Children in northern Uganda who are the focus of this article were born and raised in the context of war. The research presented here is based on a one-year ethnographic study (2004–2005) with children aged 9–16 years.
Journal Article

Training Theories of Mind in Post-conflict Northern Uganda

In this article, I explore how NGOs train local Acholi counselors to work with psychiatric notions of trauma and practice counseling with local clients.
Background Reports

The COVID-19 Pandemic Vulnerability Factors in South Sudan

This analysis identifies and discusses the COVID-19 vulnerability factors in South Sudan, including the country’s reliance on humanitarian assistance and imports, economic reliance on oil, weak healthcare system, population density, informal settlements, natural disasters, poverty and illiteracy, and a fragile…
Background Reports

The Nature and Magnitude of the COVID-19 Outbreak in South Sudan [May 2020]

This 2020 Policy Brief examines data on COVID-19 infections in South Sudan. It shows that COVID-19 preventive measures instituted in March were ineffective, that the effect of the virus varied by both age and sex of patients and that elderly…