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Omicron for Christmas: what was the experience in rural Zimbabwe?

10th January 2022
The Omicron wave peaked in Zimbabwe just before Christmas. Just as the spread of Omicron was dramatic and fast, its…

Learning from 2021 to achieve “equity everywhere” in 2022

27th December 2021
There is no doubt that as the world tentatively looks towards 2022, we are at a crossroads. We are still…

As Omicron sweeps through Zimbabwe, how are people responding?

20th December 2021
As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 hits Zimbabwe, multiple impacts are evident. As Ian Scoones explores, rapid responses mean the…

New COVID uncertainties in Zimbabwe

1st December 2021
The unfolding drama of the pandemic continues. With a new variant identified in the region (Omicron) thanks to the effective…

Why is there vaccine inequity when there is plenty to go around?

30th November 2021
This blog reflects on lessons learnt about vaccine (in)equity in Ealing, London and what considerations emerge for those working on…
Evidence Reviews

Evidence Review: Achieving COVID-19 Vaccine Equity in Ealing and North West London

This review sets out key considerations for improving vaccine equity – as well as broader health equity – in the North West London (NWL) borough of Ealing.

Key Considerations: Achieving COVID-19 Vaccine and Health Equity in Ealing and North West London

This brief illustrates how COVID-19 vaccine (in)equity has played out on the ground and offers key considerations for how it can be improved in the North West London (NWL) borough of Ealing.
Evidence Reviews

Evidence Review: COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance by Key Influencers in the MENA Region – Teachers and Healthworkers

This review synthesises evidence on vaccine acceptance among two key groups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region: teachers and health workers. It draws from academic studies, most of which were cross-sectional studies, largely conducted between February 2020…
Evidence Reviews

Evidence Review: Religious Marginality and COVID-19 Vaccination – Access & Hesitancy fr

This evidence review explores how religious minority affiliation or status shapes experiences of vaccine access and uptake and how this relates to COVID-19, and how vaccine hesitancy can be addressed.
Credit: Felix Murimbarimba

The politics of control in Zimbabwe’s COVID times

4th October 2021
The COVID situation in Zimbabwe is improving, but political tensions are rife and permeate all aspects of daily life in…
U.S. Army Africa/FLICKR/CC BY 2.0

What can we learn from attitudes towards veterinary vaccination in southern Uganda?

22nd September 2021
This blog presents findings from a study looking at whether experiences with livestock vaccination programmes affect engagement with human vaccination…
UNICEF/Frank Dejongh/UN0513433

What can social science research teach us about COVID-19 vaccine deployment?

15th September 2021
Global engagement is needed to acknowledge COVID-19 vaccine supply as a social justice issue, and demand for the scaling-up of…