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Key Considerations: Community-Based Surveillance in Public Health

Recent large-scale epidemics and pandemics have demonstrated the importance of engaging communities as partners in preventing, detecting and responding to public health emergencies. Community-based surveillance (CBS), which relies on communities...


Community engagement in epidemic and pandemic preparedness

This is a webinar aimed at social scientists and public health and humanitarian practitioners involved in public health emergencies. The…

Disability inclusion in humanitarian responses: Our perspectives on participation in Nepal

6th July 2023
नीचे हिंदी तल नेपाली Introduction When you hear the word ‘disability’, what comes to mind? If you think it’s a…

The transformative power of renewable energy in humanitarian responses: Experiences from Yemen

13th July 2023
Yemen’s ongoing crisis has resulted in widespread food scarcity, limited access to clean water, and inadequate medical assistance. In 2023,…

Why Social Science Matters for Humanitarian Action?

A factsheet on the role of social science in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA).
IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross/ Red Cresent Societies

Suspected plague outbreak in Madagascar

Suspected cases of plague were detected in Ankazobe municipality in the Analamanga central highlands region at the end of September…
11th October 2023

‘Sword in the water’: local peoples’ perceptions of NGOs in eastern DRC

24th October 2023
For almost two decades, Kalehe and Uvira territories in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), have been repeatedly affected…
14 December 2023
Decolonising Humanitarian Action: A Multiplicity of Meanings, Modes and Methods

Decolonising Humanitarian Action: A Multiplicity of Meanings, Modes & Methods

Bilingual webinar, Thursday 14 December 2023, 14:30 to 16:00 (UTC) The movement to decolonise humanitarian action is gaining critical momentum.…

Promoting community-centred preparedness and response to cholera’s global surge

23rd January 2024
The unprecedented scale and extent of the global cholera upsurge presents a challenge for effective disease control efforts worldwide. Not…