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Journal Article

Legacies of humanitarian neglect: long term experiences of children who returned from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda

Much has been written about the short-term challenges facing children returning ‘home’ from rebel fighting groups, but little is known about the longer term day to day realities of return....
Conflict and Health
Journal Article

Protection and well-being of adolescent refugees in the context of a humanitarian crisis: Perceptions from South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Improved understanding of refugees’ perceptions of provision of humanitarian support in these contexts is important to improve design and delivery of humanitarian assistance. Refugee adolescents displaced to low and middle-income...
Journal Article

Deworming Delusions? Mass Drug Administration in East African Schools

Recent debates about deworming school-aged children in East Africa have been described as the ‘Worm Wars’. The stakes are high. Deworming has become one of the top priorities in the...
Journal Article

What Happened to Children Who Returned from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda?

This article draws on research carried out in 2004–06 and from 2012 to 2018, and compares findings with other publications on reintegration in the region. It argues that implementing best-practice...
Journal Article

Reintegration of Amnestied LRA Ex-Combatants and Survivors’ Resistance Acts in Acholiland, Northern Uganda

This article examines the social dynamics among survivors and amnestied Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) ex-combatants living together in Acholiland, asking how and if Acholi survivors have forgiven Acholi LRA returnees,...

Reintegration of former child soldiers in northern Uganda: Coming to terms with children’s agency and accountability

Reintegration processes of formerly abducted children have yielded limited success in northern Uganda. The article seeks answers to the question why reintegration processes in the area have failed. The approach...
Journal Article

Violence, Well-Being and Level of Participation in Formal Education among Adolescent Girls in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Role of Child Marriage

Child marriage is a well-recognized barrier to education, and exposes girls to an increased risk of violence along with other negative health and developmental outcomes. A quantitative survey was conducted...
Journal Article

“If he could speak, he would be able to point out who does those things to him”: Experiences of violence and access to child protection among children with disabilities in Uganda and Malawi

While child protection mechanisms to prevent and respond to violence are slowly operationalised in low- and- middle-income countries, little is known about whether existing mechanisms are disability-inclusive. The aim of...
Journal Article

A qualitative study of the development and utilization of health facility-based immunization microplans in Uganda

In 2006, Uganda adopted the Reaching Every District strategy with the goal of attaining at least 80% coverage for routine immunizations in every district. The development and utilization of health...
Health Research Policy and Systems

Communicative Health Promotion for Refugee Children in Uganda

Uganda’s refugee policy framework seeks to cover health care needs of refugees within a dynamic social context. Focusing on the ecosystem of urban refugees, the authors examine refugee health care...
Journal Article

Aguu: From Acholi Post War Street Youth and Children to ‘Criminal Gangs’ in Modern Day Gulu City, Uganda

This paper analyses the origin and evolution of the Aguu, a group of street youth/children labelled as a criminal gang operating in the streets of Gulu, Uganda. Based on a...
Journal of Human Security
Journal Article

When community reintegration is not the best option: interethnic violence and the trauma of parental loss in South Sudan

Challenging the received wisdom that community reintegration is always better than institutional provision, this case study argues that institutional care of orphans should not always be considered only as a...
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