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Photo story

Photo story: Views of Mpox in Nigeria

This photo story explores how mpox is felt and understood by different people in Nigeria – including those with symptoms, the wider community and healthcare workers. It gives a snapshot of some of the themes from our research, though it’s…

Situational Analysis: Marburg Virus Disease in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania fres

This brief provides an overview of the Marburg Virus Disease outbreaks in Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania, as well as contextual factors to inform considerations for responses in both countries.

How can South-South collaboration improve responses to crises? Perspectives from South Sudan, Uganda and the DRC

29th March 2023
In this blog, Central and East Africa Regional Hub partners, Grace Akello, Leben Moro and Godefroid Muzalia share their perspectives…
27 April 2023
Mpox as a public health emergency of international concern: preparedness, priorities, politics

Mpox as a public health emergency of international concern: preparedness, priorities, politics

On 27 April 2023, this webinar, featuring a panel of experts, will draw on new evidence from research on Mpox…
Journal Article

‘Who Can Sing the Song of MSF?’ The Politics of ‘Proximity’ and Performing Humanitarianism in Eastern DRC

This article explores the complexities of the brokerage work conducted by Congolese MSF staff working in a ‘field’ that is not a distant, liminal space, but their country (and region) of origin. They have complicated and heterogeneous political and social…
Policy Document

Plan Strategique National de Developpement des Services de Laboratoire de Sante 2021-25 fr

The national strategic plan for developing health laboratory services, from 2021 to 2025, focusing in particular on: improving the delivery of laboratory services, supporting the different pillars of laboratory services, and strengthening governance.
Republique Democratique Du Congo - Ministere De La Sante Publique, Hygiene Et Prevention
Policy Document

Loi cadre sur l’Organisation de la Santé Publique fr

The legal basis for public health action in DRC, grounded in the right to health guaranteed by the DRC constitution.
Ministry of Health, South Sudan
Policy Document

Strategic Response Plan For The Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak In The Provinces Of North Kivu And Ituri Democratic Republic Of The Congo July – December 2019 fr

This document sets out the Ministry of Health’s strategic response to the Ebola Virus outbreak in North Kivu and Ituri provinces in 2019. Taking into account the impact of insecurity in these regions, the plan details how the government planned…

5 choses que j’ai apprises grâce à la bourse SSHAP

2nd March 2023
Dans ce blog, les boursiers du SSHAP Kemo et Mariam partagent leurs principaux enseignements du récent programme de bourses français.…
Journal Article

Clinical trials as disease control? The political economy of sleeping sickness in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1996-2016)

Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), commonly known as sleeping sickness, is closer than ever to being eliminated as a public health problem. We analyse archives and in-depth interviews to explore the role the national HAT programme played in the Democratic Republic…
Science Direct
Journal Article

‘Where are the dead flies!’: perceptions of local communities towards the deployment of Tiny Targets to control tsetse in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The National Programme for the control of human African trypanosomiasis in Democratic Republic of Congo includes a large-scale vector control operation using Tiny Targets. These are small panels of insecticide-impregnated cloth that are deployed in riverine habitat where tsetse flies…
BMJ Global Health
Journal Article

Health system resilience during COVID-19 understanding SRH service adaptation in North Kivu

There is often collateral damage to health systems during epidemics, affecting women and girls the most, with reduced access to non-outbreak related services, particularly in humanitarian settings. This rapid case study examines sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services in the…
BioMed Central