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Comic: Mpox in Nigeria – lessons from diverse experiences

In 2022, the virus mpox was declared a public health emergency of international concern. From October 2022 to February 2023, a research team from the UK and Nigeria studied the recent story of mpox in Nigeria, and what it could…
Photo story

Photo story: Views of Mpox in Nigeria

This photo story explores how mpox is felt and understood by different people in Nigeria – including those with symptoms, the wider community and healthcare workers. It gives a snapshot of some of the themes from our research, though it’s…
Caption: WHO Monkeypox prevention poster Credit: Author's own

Mpox as a public health emergency of international concern: preparedness, priorities, politics

15th May 2023
In this blog, authors from a recent project invesitgating Mpox (formerly monkeypox) in Nigeria discuss the findings, and their implications…
27 April 2023
Mpox as a public health emergency of international concern: preparedness, priorities, politics

Mpox as a public health emergency of international concern: preparedness, priorities, politics

On 27 April 2023, this webinar, featuring a panel of experts, will draw on new evidence from research on Mpox…

WHO Multi-country outbreak of cholera, External situation report #1

This report summarises the current status of the cholera outbreak across 24 countries that are reporting cases. WHO has assessed the global risk level as very high.
World Health Organization
Journal Article

Private sector engagement in the COVID-19 response: experiences and lessons from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda

Private entities play a major role in health globally. However, their contribution has not been fully optimized to strengthen delivery of public health services. The COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed health systems and precipitated coalitions between public and private sectors to…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

The social dimensions of community delivery of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy with is a key malaria prevention strategy. We conducted an anthropological study to understand the social context of a community based approach to delivering sulphadoxine pyrimethamine (C-IPTp) through community health workers (CHWs) in four countries…
BMJ Global Health
UNICEF | UN0215065 | Naftalin
Background Reports

The Fight against Lassa Fever in Ebonyi State, Nigeria: A Clash of the People’s Culture and Broadcast Media Campaign

Ebonyi State of Nigeria is among the states where the incidence of Lassa Fever has become endemic; and has consequently led to the death of many people including health practitioners in the state. To mobilise the people against the disease,…

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Lassa Fever in and around Lafia, Central Nigeria

This descriptive cross-sectional study assessed the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Lassa Fever in and around Lafia, Central Nigeria. Structured questionnaires were administered to 200 consenting respondents from urban and sub-urban areas in Lafia. Of the 200 respondents, 87% heard…
International Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology Research