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Policy Document

Technical Guidelines for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response in Nigeria

The goal of IDSR is to improve the ability of LGAs to detect and respond to diseases and conditions that cause high levels of death, illness and disability in the LGA‘s catchment area. Strengthening skills and resources for integrated disease…

National Action Plan for Health Security, Nigeria

The National Action Plan for Health Security (NAPHS) is a comprehensive multi-sectoral plan that integrates multiple workplans including REDISSE, NCDC Strategy Plan, AMR Action Plan, and immunizations plans, addressing the major gaps identified by the Joint External Evaluation (2017) and…

Imagining HIV/AIDS: morality and perceptions of personal risk in Nigeria

The disparity between people’s knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the extent to which they take measures to protect themselves is one of the most vexing issues for public health workers and social science analysts. This paper aims to explain some of…

Community health care workers in pursuit of TB: Discourses and dilemmas

Community-led tuberculosis (TB) active case finding is widely promoted, heavily funded, but many efforts fail to meet expectations. The underlying reasons why TB symptom screening programs underperform are poorly understood. This study examines Nigerian stakeholders’ insights to characterize the mechanisms,…
Journal Article

Youths’ violent resistance of necropolitical landscape of COVID-19 in Nigeria’s vanishing foodscapes and waterscapes

This article interrogates the necropolitical landscape of COVID-19 in Nigeria. The article explores how the landscape emerges at the intersection of COVID-19 regime and structural violence and materializes in foodscapes and waterscapes of the country. These changes ultimately impose the…
Journal Article

Youth, sin and sex in Nigeria: Christianity and HIV/AIDS-related beliefs and behaviour among rural-urban migrants

In Nigeria, popular understandings of HIV/AIDS and individual risk assessment and behaviour unfold within an interpretative grid that draws on a religious moral framework. This paper reports results from a two‐year study of HIV/AIDS‐related beliefs and behaviour among adolescent and…
Journal Article

Why I Have Not Taken the COVID-19 Vaccine” a Descriptive Qualitative Study of Older Adults’ Perceived Views of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Nigeria

Globally, the COVID-19 vaccine uptake is increasing, but slowly among older adults residing in lower and middle-income countries, including Nigeria. Following this, we explored the perceived views of older adults on the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria. Findings…
Journal Article

Unintended consequences of implementing non-pharmaceutical interventions for the COVID-19 response in Africa: experiences from DRC, Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda

The coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic is one of the most terrifying disasters of the 21st century. The non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) implemented to control the spread of the disease had numerous positive consequences. However, there were also unintended consequences—positively or negatively…
Journal Article

Traditional healers in Nigeria: perception of cause, treatment and referral practices for severe malaria.

Malaria remains one of the main causes of mortality among young children in sub-Saharan Africa. In Nigeria traditional healers play an important role in health care delivery and the majority of the population depend on them for most of their…
Journal Article

The Islamification of antiretroviral therapy: Reconciling HIV treatment and religion in northern Nigeria.

Access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) are essential to HIV treatment success and epidemic control. This article is about how HIV-positive Muslims and providers balance ART with religious tenets and obligations.
Journal Article

Taking chances, making choices: the tactical dimensions of “reproductive strategies” in southwestern Nigeria

Reproductive outcomes may be less a result of consciously pursued “reproductive strategies” than of other choices, and are subject to the influence not only of other individuals, but also of caprice and circumstance. Drawing on ethnographic research in southwestern Nigeria,…