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Key Considerations: Alleviating Chronic Food Insecurity in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan has experienced chronic food insecurity for decades and particularly in the last five years. This chronic food insecurity is a result of a combination of factors, including protracted conflicts, socio-economic fragility, lack of infrastructure, climate…
Journal Article

The Anthropological Rise of Palestine

This article traces the rise of anthropological scholarship on Palestine and/or Palestinians from 2011 through the present, providing readers with a comprehensive bibliography of anthropological publications related to Palestine over that period.
Taylor & Francis Online

The attack on Gaza and the role of anthropologists

In the book Hollow Land, Eyal Weizman showed how leadership at IDF understood and modified the urban landscapes of occupied Palestinian territory in military interventions with a spatial lens drawn in part from social theory (Weizman 2007). Interviewees such as…
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute