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Scarcity and Fear: A Gender Analysis of the Impact of the War in Gaza on Vital Services Essential to Women’s and Girls’ Health, Safety, and Dignity – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Since the start of the war in Gaza, UN Women has been documenting the experiences of women in Gaza in a series of gender alerts that look at various aspects of how the war is impacting the daily lives of…
United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women)

Gaza is not a humanitarian crisis: on self-defence, depoliticising language, and contextualisation

On Thursday evening October 26, EU member states finally agreed to a formal declaration calling for ‘humanitarian corridors and pauses’ of the shelling in Gaza. The declaration also expressed concerns for the ‘deteriorating humanitarian situation.’ While some have celebrated this…

Why ‘Framing Gaza’?

There has never been a better documented war than the one unfolding in Palestine at the moment. As Elshaik, Martinez and Shaer write in their contribution to Allegra’s Framing Gaza thread: “Daily, images, videos and voice notes proliferate faster than they can be…
Allegra Lab
Journal Article

Health in the Crossfire – Analyzing and Mitigating the Multifaceted Health Risks of the 2023 War on Gaza

Analysis of health-related risks of the war 2023 on Gaza is becoming essential as it goes beyond the physical and mental health impacts. This paper examines the multifaceted and escalating health risks associated with the ongoing war in Gaza, employing…
Public Health Research
Journal Article

Mitigating Risks of Slow Children Development Due to War on Gaza 2023

The 2023 War on Gaza has inflicted significant hardships on children, posing severe risks to their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. This paper explores multifaceted approaches to mitigate these developmental risks, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support systems for…
International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Journal Article

Children on the Gaza-Israel Border: Victims of War

This commentary in the journal Public Health Reviews highlights the impact of armed conflict on children at the Gaza-Israel border.
Public Health Reviews
Journal Article

Coping with trauma and adversity among Palestinians in the Gaza Strip: A qualitative, culture-informed analysis

Abstract In this article, we propose that coping is not only an individual property but also a structural feature. Coping shapes what is referred to in social network theory as multiplex networks, which are based on relations with multiple functions,…
Journal of Health Psychology

“Stop the war and let me return to my home, even if it is destroyed.” Community priorities and perceptions of aid and support in Gaza (January 2024)

It has been 100 days since Israel launched attacks in Gaza that have seen more than 24,000 people killed since the beginning of October 2023, including more than 10,000 children. Thousands more are estimated to be missing, with many buried…
Grand Truth Solutions

A Palestinian Poet’s Perilous Journey out of Gaza ar

Following Hamas’s October 7th attack and Israel’s invasion, Mosab Abu Toha fled his home with his wife and three children. Then I.D.F. soldiers took him into custody.
The New Yorker

In the face of genocide, the intifada must be globalised

On 7 November 2023, the death toll in Gaza surpassed 10,000 as the most brutal military assault in contemporary history continues to unfold. Now impossible to update following the collapse of services and communications in the north, this figure had…
Institute of Development Studies

Contextualising Gaza: Colonial violence and Occupation

“We are at war”, stated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a recorded statement early on Saturday morning, and “we will win it”. While the unprecedented events of 7 October – constituting ‘the worst breach of Israel’s defences in 50…

Tectonic Shifts: A conversation with Darryl Li

IN THE WAKE of Hamas’s attack on Israel earlier this month, which led to the death of over one thousand Israelis, the U.S.-backed nuclear power has waged a campaign of brutal retribution. Since October 8, they have intensified the long-running…
The Baffler