Analysis of health-related risks of the war 2023 on Gaza is becoming essential as it goes beyond the physical and mental health impacts. This paper examines the multifaceted and escalating health risks associated with the ongoing war in Gaza, employing a systems thinking approach to understand and address these complex challenges. The research focuses on the holistic analysis of health-related risks stemming from the 2023 War on Gaza. The paper discusses the immediate and enduring effects of war on health services, including the direct and indirect impacts on various population groups and healthcare systems. The study delves into the accumulation of health risks in Gaza, considering environmental factors, the breakdown of healthcare infrastructure, and the spread of infectious diseases. In this paper, the authors analyse the continuation of the war on the accumulated health-related risk factors, and it could be mitigated despite the increase in the number of Gazan injuries, fatalities, and the disruption of Gaza healthcare systems. Then, the authors introduce a novel ‘3S Framework’ for urgent action, encompassing Security and prevention, management of Supplies, and restoration of the Supportive health system. This framework aims to mitigate the immediate and long-term health-related risks in Gaza, especially under continued conflict. By prioritizing top health risks using a risk factor matrix, the study provides a structured approach to addressing war injuries, mental health issues, infectious diseases, chronic conditions, malnutrition, and maternal and child health concerns. The paper exploits the need to adopt double-loop problem-solving approaches for mitigating health-related risks in Gaza that would lead to establishing scenarios using multidisciplinary thinking. The implication of this work is that it gives clear mitigation plans for risks to mental health, long-term public health challenges, slow development in children, and infectious diseases. Finally, the authors call for action now before the world faces risks of regional crises that might spread all over the globe.