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Crisis in Sudan: Note on Displacement from Sudan to South Sudan

This infographic summarises the insights from a recent briefing note on displacement due to the crisis in Sudan.

Crisis in Sudan: Briefing Note on Displacement from Sudan to South Sudan ar

The experiences of those fleeing from Sudan to South Sudan due to the current conflict are shaped by the complex socio-political dynamics within and between the two countries. This briefing (published 28 July 2023) focuses on the historical and socio-political…

The transformative power of renewable energy in humanitarian responses: Experiences from Yemen

13th July 2023
In this blog, current SSHAP fellow and Programme Coordinator at the Arab Youth Sustainable Development Network (AYSDN) in Yemen, Mamoon…
Journal Article

Violence and the body: somatic expressions of trauma and vulnerability during war

Drawing on ethnographic research conducted along the Sierra Leone-Guinea border during wartime, this article explores the contested nature of the body and bodily illness during times of spectacular political violence.
Journal Article

‘The Suffering is Too Great’: Urban Internally Displaced Persons in the Casamance Conflict, Senegal

The paper addresses the dearth of studies of displaced people living in urban areas of sub-Saharan Africa through a survey of a particular group of internally displaced persons (IDPs) created by Senegal’s Casamance conflict. Analysis of survey data shows how…
Journal Article

Rebel Recruitment and Migration: Theory and Evidence From Southern Senegal

The authors investigate whether the threat of recruitment by rebel groups spurs domestic and international migration, showing that individuals who fit the recruitment profiles of rebel groups are more likely to leave and be sent away by their families. The…

Humanitarian tropes in the Casamance: presumptions about gender-based violence in conflict and displacement contexts

The chapter examines changes and social consolidations of traditional gender roles and relations in the Casamance against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict. It contrasts humanitarian assessments that assume a general weakening of the position of women in such contexts…
Journal Article

Darfur Refugees in Egypt: Suffering out of the Spotlight

Describes the conditions faced by Sudanese refugees in Egypt in recent history.
Research Paper

Political Economy of Violence Against Women in Sudan

Analysis of the main socio-economic, political and cultural factors contributing to the emergence and perpetuation of violence against women, especially in conflict-prone areas
Research Paper