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Motherhood and mobility: Afghan women in Serbia

8th August 2022
The gendered dynamics of migration mean that Afghan women on the move into Europe face unique challenges - such as…

Key Considerations: Drivers Influencing Vaccination-related Behaviours Among Ukrainian Refugees in Poland pl

This brief summarises existing information about the factors influencing vaccination-related practices during the Ukrainian crisis. It also presents strategic and practical considerations to inform the design of interventions to create demand for routine immunisation among Ukrainian refugees.
22 November 2021
Statistics in the Humanitarian Sector: Disasters

Statistics in the Humanitarian Sector: Disasters

On Monday 22 November 2021 between 12:00-17:00 GMT, the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford, and the International Federation of…
Evidence Reviews

Review of the Evidence Landscape on the Risk Communication and Community Engagement Interventions Among the Rohingya Refugees to Enhance Healthcare Seeking Behaviours in Cox’s Bazar

This review paper synthesises and assesses the quality of the evidence landscape available and how the Rohingya seek and access healthcare services in Cox’s Bazar
Evidence Reviews

COVID-19 in the Context of Conflict and Displacement – Myanmar

Key considerations focusing on how conflict, displacement and inter-communal tensions may influence disease control in Myanmar.

2018 review: Looking ahead to 2019

The SSHAP was started in 2017 by UNICEF’s Communication for Development Section, in collaboration with the Institute of Development Studies,…
20th December 2018

Xenofobia y Discriminación Hacia Refugiados y Migrantes Venezolanos en Ecuador y Lecciones Aprendidas para la Promoción de la Inclusión Social es

La crisis política y económica en Venezuela ha transformado al país desde 2010 de un país receptor de inmigrantes a un país emisor de emigrantes. Más de 4,000 venezolanos ingresan a Ecuador cada día, y actualmente la población de venezolanos…
Background Reports

Gender-Based Violence Among Documented Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

The Rohingya, a Muslim minority group from the northern part of Rakhine State (formerly Arakan) in Myanmar, is among the most vulnerable of the world’s refugee communities. This study aims to shed light on gender-based violence among documented Rohingya refugees…
Indian Journal of Gender Studies
© UNICEF/UN0143056/LeMoyne
Evidence Reviews

Social and Cultural Factors Shaping Health and Nutrition, Wellbeing and Protection of the Rohingya Within a Humanitarian Context

More than half a million Rohingya refugees, 60% of them children (UNICEF 2017), have crossed the border into Bangladesh, joining refugee camps or settling informally, and are in dire need of basic services such as food, health care, and protection.…

Guidance Note 1: Contextual Factors and Risks to Cholera/AWD Transmission in Somalia and the Somali Region of Ethiopia

The purpose of this guidance note is to support UNICEF staff in understanding the contextual factors (the practices, behaviours, social norms and wider factors) that shape risks of cholera transmission, being able to separate the social and cultural factors from…
UNICEF, IDS and Anthrologica