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Journal Article

War and peace: What’s the difference?

This article analyses the political and contextual differences between war and peace.
Journal Article

‘Who Can Sing the Song of MSF?’ The Politics of ‘Proximity’ and Performing Humanitarianism in Eastern DRC

This article explores the complexities of the brokerage work conducted by Congolese MSF staff working in a ‘field’ that is not a distant, liminal space, but their country (and region) of origin. They have complicated and heterogeneous political and social…

5 choses que j’ai apprises grâce à la bourse SSHAP

2nd March 2023
Dans ce blog, les boursiers du SSHAP Kemo et Mariam partagent leurs principaux enseignements du récent programme de bourses français.…
Journal Article

“Tokowa po ya ekolo”: The Military Body Within the Congolese Army

This article explores the conceptualization of the body among former Congolese soldiers living as refugees in Johannesburg. The article draws on extensive fieldwork in Johannesburg, South Africa and employs the concept of deterritorialization and reterritorialization to explain the bodies of…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Sudan’s elusive democratisation: civic mobilisation, provincial rebellion and chameleon dictatorships

Sudan experienced two inspirational popular uprisings that brought down military dictatorships, but the ‘Arab Spring’ passed it by. This paper analyses social movements and armed resistance within the dualistic structure of Sudan’s centre and periphery. A pattern of alternating military…
Taylor & Francis Online
Journal Article

Interrupting the balance: reconsidering the complexities of conflict in South Sudan

By the start of 2014, violent conflict had erupted across much of South Sudan following initial violence in Juba on 15 December 2013. The speed with which the fighting has spread raises questions regarding the impact of national-level politics on…
Wiley Online Library
Journal Article

It takes a village to raise a militia: local politics, the Nuer White Army, and South Sudan’s civil wars

Why does South Sudan continue to experience endemic, low intensity conflicts punctuated by catastrophic civil wars? Reporters and analysts often mischaracterise conflicts in the young country of South Sudan as products of divisive ‘tribal’ or ‘ethnic’ rivalries and political competition…
Cambridge University Press
Journal Article

How the politics of fear generated chaos in South Sudan

Soon after South Sudan achieved independence in 2011, its political landscape grew increasingly volatile. It became almost impossible for international and regional actors to address one crisis before another more serious one erupted. This article combines cultural, political, economic and…
Oxford University Press

Localising humanitarian aid during armed conflict Learning from the histories and creativity of South Sudanese NGOs

This report moves beyond abstract assumptions and global-level debates to understand the reality of the struggles and strategies of local and national organisations during complex emergencies. We focus on the histories, politicoeconomic dynamics and everyday realities of South Sudanese NGOs…
London School of Economics
Field Notes

The Bukavu Series: Toward a Decolonisation of Research

This is a collection of blog posts produced by 30 researchers based in eastern Congo and Europe, where writers critically reflect on the research they’ve done and explore ethical dilemmas when conducting research in conflict-affected areas.
PUL Presses

Beyond Anarchy: Property, Precarity and Land Governance in Urban Congo

In the brief, we argue that these references to “anarchy” and “disorder” should not to be taken at face value. Instead, they are produced through daily practices of land governance.
London School of Economics
Background Reports

Roadblocks ‘at the rhythm of the country’: Predation and beyond in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

This report analyses the phenomenon of roadblocks in South Kivu, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Departing from a socio-anthropological approach, the report argues that roadblocks are sites where a variety of state and non-state actors interact with each…
Governance in Conflict Network