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News Article

Gaza conflict: how children’s lives are affected on every level

Children living in Gaza have never known anything but overcrowding, shortages, conflict and danger.
The Conversation
Journal Article

Knowledge and Perceptions on Menstrual Hygiene Management Among School-Going Adolescent Girls in South Sudan

This article draws on grounded theory and ethnographic fieldwork approaches and applies a political ecology of adolescent health (PEAH) framework to examine how school-going adolescent girls and their communities perceive sexual and reproductive health education (SRHE) and menstrual hygiene management…
Journal Article

Climate Change and Young People in Uganda: A Literature Review

The review findings suggest the need for substantial youth informed interventions to bolster young people’s economic resilience and adaptive capacity given the worsening climate change and prolonged population growth.
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Dramatic effects of COVID-19 public health measures and mass reverse migration on youth sexual and reproductive health in rural Uganda

Youth (aged 10 to 24 years) comprise nearly one-third of Uganda’s population and often face challenges accessing sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services, with a disproportionately high incidence of negative SRH outcomes. Responding to COVID-19, Uganda implemented strict public health…
Oxford University Press
Journal Article

Protection and well-being of adolescent refugees in the context of a humanitarian crisis: Perceptions from South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Improved understanding of refugees’ perceptions of provision of humanitarian support is important to improve design and delivery of humanitarian assistance. Refugee adolescents face a range of adversities, while the phase of displacement likely influences risk factors for adolescent refugees. However,…
Science Direct
Journal Article

Aguu: From Acholi Post War Street Youth and Children to ‘Criminal Gangs’ in Modern Day Gulu City, Uganda

This paper analyses the origin and evolution of the Aguu, a group of street youth/children labelled as a criminal gang operating in the streets of Gulu, Uganda. Based on a series of interviews, focus group discussions, participant observations, archival work…
Journal of Human Security

Youth Groups and Urban Policing in the Eastern Congo

Across cities in eastern Congo, youth groups are involved in urban policing, operating between state and non-state actors and formal and informal governance. While some are responsible for improving security in their neighbourhoods, others contribute to its deterioration. This briefing…
Rift Valley Institute
Journal Article

Lives Interrupted: Navigating Hardship During COVID-19 Provides Lessons in Solidarity and Visibility for Mobile Young People in South Africa and Uganda

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended assumptions about livelihood security. The authors examine data from young women and men in South Africa and young female sex workers in Uganda to explore the inequalities and hardships experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Navigating Social Spaces: Armed Mobilization and Circular Return in Eastern DR Congo

This article discusses the social mobility of combatants and introduces the notion of circular return to explain their pendular state of movement between civilian and combatant life. This phenomenon is widely observed in eastern DRC, where Congolese youth have revolved…
Journal Article

Forced Displacement and Youth Employment in the Aftermath of the Congo War: From Making a Living to Making a Life

This paper explores what it means to be young, displaced and looking for a job in a war-affected town of the DRC. It considers the livelihoods of young displaced migrants in Butembo, and integrates more critical views on the life…
Journal Article

In the face of war: examining sexual vulnerabilities of Acholi adolescent girls living in displacement camps in conflict-affected Northern Uganda

Adolescent girls are an overlooked group within conflict-affected populations and their sexual health needs are often neglected. Girls are disproportionately at risk of HIV and other STIs in times of conflict, however the lack of recognition of their unique sexual…
Journal Article

Family dynamics and implications for young people’s ‘struggles’ in rural areas of post-conflict northern Uganda

The Acholi region in northern Uganda experienced two decades of armed conflict and forced displacement. Based on qualitative field research, this article analyses the role of family dynamics for the educational and livelihood trajectories of Acholi youth in rural areas,…