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UNICEF/Frank Dejongh/UN0513433

What can social science research teach us about COVID-19 vaccine deployment?

15th September 2021
Global engagement is needed to acknowledge COVID-19 vaccine supply as a social justice issue, and demand for the scaling-up of…

Exploring community dynamics around the plague outbreak in Ituri province, DRC fr

In April 2021, the Social Sciences Analytics Cell (CASS), in collaboration with UNICEF and the Provincial Health Division (DPS) in Bunia conducted exploratory research applying the Integrated Outbreak Analytics (IOA) approach in three health zones affected by a suspected plague…
Journal Article

How to Improve Outbreak Response: A Case Study of Integrated Outbreak Analytics from Ebola in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

The emerging field of outbreak analytics calls attention to the need for data from multiple sources to inform evidence-based decision making in managing infectious diseases outbreaks. To date, these approaches have not systematically integrated evidence from social and behavioural sciences.…
BMJ Publishing Group
Case Studies

COVID-19 school closures in the DRC: impact on the health, protection and education of children and youth fr

This report presents an analysis of the impact of school closures as a COVID-19 response measure in the DRC, and is intended to inform evidence-based programming to mitigate the short- and long-term consequences to health, protection, and education of children…
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)

Strengthening responses to epidemics

19th April 2021
Integrating social science perspectives into emergency preparedness and response is becoming proven and accepted practice due to the work of…
Case Studies

The impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak response on women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo fr

This report presents an integrated multidisciplinary analysis of the impact of COVID-19 and its response on women and girls in the DRC
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)
Evidence Reviews

Analyses intégrées et multidisciplinaires en épidémie fr

Une revue des analyses intégrées menées durant les 90 premiers jours de l’épidémie d’Ebola en Equateur
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)
Case Studies

Impacts de la réponse COVID-19 sur la santé communautaire en RDC: Analyses Multidisciplinaires Intégrées des Épidémies fr

Analyses intégrées des impacts plus larges de la réponse COVID-19 sur la santé communautaire à Kinshasa, RDC
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)
Case Studies

Thematic Analysis on the Listing and Follow up of Contacts fr

An in-depth EPI analysis of contact tracing on the Ebola Outbreak in the Equateur Province of the DRC.
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)

Community engagement and vaccinations during the Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo

10th December 2020
This is a World Bank Blogs blog originally published on their website
Background Reports

Lockdowns and easing of restrictions: What can be done to adapt to local contexts and protect those who are vulnerable?

This SSHAP-Africa CDC Webinar brought together representatives of the Member States as well as from civil society organisations, humanitarian actors and professional organisations
Case Studies

Evidence for contact tracing (CT) analyses from the DRC Ebola outbreaks

This presentation provides discussion and evidence on contract tracing, looking at the experience of Integrated, Multidisciplinary Outbreak Analytics (IMOA) in the DRC Ebola outbreaks.