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Journal Article

Going viral – capacity strengthening in the context of pandemic(s)

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed focus on the importance of increasing momentum in addressing global health challenges, including the unacceptable burden of avoidable foetal and newborn mortality and morbidity in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The National Institute for Health…

Learning in a pandemic: real-time research on COVID-19 in rural Zimbabwe

3rd October 2022
In this blog, Ian Scoones reflects on the real-time research that happened in Zimbabwe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health workers on the front-line: experiences from rural Zimbabwe

24th February 2022
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, health professionals in clinics and hospitals have been on the front-line…

Omicron for Christmas: what was the experience in rural Zimbabwe?

10th January 2022
The Omicron wave peaked in Zimbabwe just before Christmas. Just as the spread of Omicron was dramatic and fast, its…

As Omicron sweeps through Zimbabwe, how are people responding?

20th December 2021
As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 hits Zimbabwe, multiple impacts are evident. As Ian Scoones explores, rapid responses mean the…

New COVID uncertainties in Zimbabwe

1st December 2021
The unfolding drama of the pandemic continues. With a new variant identified in the region (Omicron) thanks to the effective…
Credit: Felix Murimbarimba

The politics of control in Zimbabwe’s COVID times

4th October 2021
The COVID situation in Zimbabwe is improving, but political tensions are rife and permeate all aspects of daily life in…
Credit: Felix Murimbarimba

COVID-19 spreads to rural Zimbabwe

11th August 2021
The number of cases and sadly deaths has surged across our rural study areas in the last month.

Zimbabwe faces a COVID-19 surge: what is happening in the rural areas?

14th July 2021
The Zimbabwean government has imposed a new 'level 4' lockdown in response to rising cases and deaths.

COVID-19 and economic transformation in rural Zimbabwe

18th June 2021
Zimbabwe’s COVID-19 situation looks uncertain, with localised outbreaks and a rise in infections south of the Limpopo in South Africa.

Rural livelihoods in the pandemic: notes from Zimbabwe

17th May 2021
Coronavirus is not the major concern in Zimbabwe, where the total number of registered deaths on 7 May was 1,576

Vaccine politics in Zimbabwe

16th March 2021
Covid vaccines are particularly political in Zimbabwe as competing powers jostle for position, each trying to show their benevolence towards Africa.