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Background Reports

Human Health Impacts in a Changing South African Climate

Climate change is projected to lead to warmer temperatures, especially in southern Africa, where the warming is predicted to be 2°C higher than the global increase. Given the high burden of disease already associated with environmental factors in this region,…
South African Medical Journal
Foresight Papers

Scenarios for the South African Water Sector in 2025

In 2008 the Water Research Commission initiated a project to develop ‘Water Sector Institutional Landscape in 2025 Scenarios’. The aim was to build knowledge about key drivers and uncertainties related to the future of the South African water sector. A…
Research Gate

The ‘One Man Can’ Model: Community Mobilisation as an Approach to Promote Gender Equality and Reduce HIV Vulnerability in South Africa

This story of change pulls out the key findings and recommendations from EMERGE case study 6, which focuses on the One Man Can initiative in South Africa. The initiative works through community mobilisation to question gender norms and improve knowledge…