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Journal Article

Managing community engagement in research in Uganda: insights from practices in HIV/AIDS research

Community engagement (CE) in research is valuable for instrumental and intrinsic reasons. Despite existing guidance on how to ensure meaningful CE, much of what it takes to achieve this goal differs across settings. Considering the emerging trend towards mandating CE…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

Operational challenges and considerations for COVID-19 research in humanitarian settings: A qualitative study of a project in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan

We conducted a qualitative study to explore the barriers and enablers of a COVID-19 cohort study conducted in South Sudan and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to inform future research on COVID-19 and infectious diseases in humanitarian settings. We…
Journal Article

Whose voices matter? Using participatory, feminist and anthropological approaches to centre power and positionality in research on gender-based violence in emergencies

An expansive view of ‘rigorous’ research is needed, particularly when studying complex health and human rights issues in settings where the power imbalances between research participants, users and producers is heightened. This article examines how applying participatory, feminist and anthropological…
Global Public Health
Journal Article

Engaging refugee women and girls as experts: co-creating evidence on sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian crises using creative, participatory methods

This paper explores how creative and participatory practices can address the barriers, such as illiteracy (including computer illiteracy) and lack of training, often cited as limiting researchers’ ability to share power with affected communities, and allow for greater co-production of…
Bristol University Press
Journal Article

Sexual Violence Against Men in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings: A Qualitative Research Methodology

This article describes the research design and the strategies employed by the first author, who conducted qualitative research with South Sudanese male refugees who were survivors of sexual violence and have resettled in two communities in Uganda since the onset…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

The Politics of the Second Vaccine: Debates Surrounding Ebola Vaccine Trials in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Two experimental Ebola vaccines were deployed during the tenth Ebola epidemic (2018–20) in the DRC. International debate ensued about the value and ethics of testing a second vaccine in an epidemic context. This article examines how this debate unfolded among…
Journal Article

Using feminist ‘reflexive practice’ to explore stress and well-being of local researchers in South Sudan

This article shares key findings and offer personal reflections on and suggestions for improving gender-based violence research using feminist methods. The authors reflect that while they themselves valued the sharing of personal reflections on emotional challenges that the research team…
Journal Article

Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research: Reflections on the Research Approach Used to Understand the Complexity of Maternal Health Issues in South Sudan

How can contextualised data be collected in a short time in conflict-affected sites? This paper shows how a Participatory Ethnographic Evaluation and Research (PEER) approach can overcome many of the challenges of conducting research in such conditions. Here, the authors…
Journal Article

Fieldwork through the Zoomiverse: Sensing Uganda in a Time of Immobility

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, research collaborations that involved multiple sites or institutions were challenged by travel restrictions and the switch to online communication. This article is a reflection by two longtime collaborators, Richard Vokes and Gertrude Atukunda.…
Anthropology in Action