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Note de Partage rapide de la Cellule d’Analyse Intégrées d’Ebola: Equateur 2020 (Juin a Novembre 2020) fr

Ce briefing passe en revue les preuves de la réponse à la dernière épidémie d'Ebola en Equateur.
The Cellule d'Analyse en Sciences Sociales (CASS)

Learning from 2021 to achieve “equity everywhere” in 2022

27th December 2021
There is no doubt that as the world tentatively looks towards 2022, we are at a crossroads. We are still…
UNICEF/Frank Dejongh/UN0513433

What can social science research teach us about COVID-19 vaccine deployment?

15th September 2021
Global engagement is needed to acknowledge COVID-19 vaccine supply as a social justice issue, and demand for the scaling-up of…

Key Considerations for Outbreak and Epidemic Preparedness Response in Côte d’Ivoire

This brief draws on the technical paper for the Tackling Deadly Diseases in Africa (TDDA) programme (July 2021), to present key social science considerations for epidemic response and preparedness in Côte d’Ivoire, with relevance to the first Ebola case in…

Exploring community dynamics around the plague outbreak in Ituri province, DRC fr

In April 2021, the Social Sciences Analytics Cell (CASS), in collaboration with UNICEF and the Provincial Health Division (DPS) in Bunia conducted exploratory research applying the Integrated Outbreak Analytics (IOA) approach in three health zones affected by a suspected plague…
Journal Article

How to Improve Outbreak Response: A Case Study of Integrated Outbreak Analytics from Ebola in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

The emerging field of outbreak analytics calls attention to the need for data from multiple sources to inform evidence-based decision making in managing infectious diseases outbreaks. To date, these approaches have not systematically integrated evidence from social and behavioural sciences.…
BMJ Publishing Group

Côte d’Ivoire reports suspected Ebola case: Key considerations

Technical brief shares useful background for outbreak preparedness and response
17th August 2021
European Union/ECHO/Jean-Louis Mosser
Journal Article

Spillover or endemic? Reconsidering the origins of Ebola virus disease outbreaks by revisiting local accounts in light of new evidence from Guinea

New research has found that the 2021 outbreak of EVD in Guinea originated in viral resurgence of a persistently infected survivor of the 2013–2016 epidemic
BMJ Publishing Group

Strengthening responses to epidemics

19th April 2021
Integrating social science perspectives into emergency preparedness and response is becoming proven and accepted practice due to the work of…
Evidence Reviews

Lessons Learned from 2014–2016 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea: A Review of RCCE Related Publications fr

A review of 46 published reports of Ebola-related activities undertaken during the 2013–2016 outbreak in Guinea
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
UNICEF/UNI181856/Claude-Adrien de Mun

Key Considerations: 2021 Outbreak of Ebola in Guinea, the Context of N’Zérékoré fr

Key considerations about the social, political and economic context shaping the outbreak of Ebola in the N’Zérékoré prefecture, Guinea.
UNICEF/UN024521/Timothy La Rose

SSHAP Roundtable: 2021 Ebola Outbreak in Guinea fr

At the time of writing there have been 18 cases, 9 deaths and 6 recoveries.