On 7 November 2023, the death toll in Gaza surpassed 10,000 as the most brutal military assault in contemporary history continues to unfold. Now impossible to update following the collapse of services and communications in the north, this figure had risen to 11,078 by November 10th, with thousands still missing – who may be “trapped or dead under the rubble”.

Referring to a civil uprising, ‘intifada’ is an Arabic term that translates too to a ‘shaking off’ – long used in Palestine to refer to the ‘shaking off’ of the shackles of colonial domination, including through mass civil disobedience, unity and solidarity, boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Beneath the burgeoning death toll across Palestine are global systems of power, rooted in the logic, history and present of colonial violence. As such, in the face of this genocide, the intifada – the ‘shaking off’ of colonial dynamics of racism, violence, dehumanisation and division – must be globalised.