Date: Monday 22 November 2021
Time: 12:00 – 17:00 GMT

As a round-table event, each presenter will address key issues of the humanitarian sector that are currently unsolved or require alternative (or more intricate) statistics than exist at present. At the end of all the presentations given on each theme, an open discussion will take place between panellists and then also with the audience. The event will explore three main themes:

  1. Disaster Response and Aid Distribution
  2. Inference and Information Systems
  3. Risk Modelling and Vulnerability

The audience are expected to be both academic and from the humanitarian sector. Therefore, this does not mean that any detailed mathematics is expected to be presented. Panellists and keynote speakers include researchers that work for organisations within the United Nations, private sector, and mid-to-large size International Non-Governmental Organisations.

Note that only members of the Department of Statistics can participate in-person to the event due to COVID, and may be transferred to a purely-virtual event dependent on the COVID situation.


To book your place, fill out the form on the event webpage.