Monkeypox Outbreak

Recent monkeypox infections have been identified in non-endemic regions, with most occurring through longer chains of human-to-human spread in people without a history of contact. Ending monkeypox transmission requires a better understanding of the social, ecological and scientific interconnections between endemic and non-endemic areas.
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Updates on the COVID-19 pandemic

Our work focuses on the social dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccine acceptance and uptake.

Cross-cutting themes are the political economy of the epidemic and responses to it, diverse forms of knowledge and experience, state-society relationships, history and context.

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Rohingya Refugee Crisis

This report analyses the socio-normative values, beliefs and practices of the Rohingya around health, wellbeing and nutrition, and around the protection of children, adolescents and women (including gender norms) in the context of mass displacement from Myanmar to refugee camps in Bangladesh.
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