Community Engagement has been identified as a cross-cutting priority in WHO`s Emergency Reform agenda as outlined in WHO Emergency Reform: Roadmap for Action. The report serves as a blueprint for the reform process and calls for a plan/strategy with “operational capacity for effective community engagement, including work in outbreaks and other health emergencies” is required as part of the Roadmap.To this end, the workshop aimed to clarify WHO’s role in community engagement in outbreaks and emergencies.

The planned outputs and outcomes of the workshop were to obtain:i. Agreement on the scope of community engagement and related approaches in the context of outbreaks and health emergencies ii. Inputs for WHO’s role and functions in community engagement (and related fields) in outbreaks and emergencies iii. Identify linkages to be made with emergency risk communication iv. Recommendations for improving coordination of community engagement interventions during outbreaks and health emergencies v. Recommendations for joint capacity building