The main objective of this analysis was to assess the risk of Zika virus outbreak by country in theWHO African region and their capacity to contain it from becoming an epidemic. The specific objectives are:

i. Map the epidemiological likelihood of Zika virus transmission using information on the current and past reports of clinical cases, serological evidence of exposure in humans, evidence of the transmission by Ae aegypti of other arboviruses, specifically dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya and information on the general presence of the Aeaegypti or other Zika transmitting vectors.

ii. Assemble indicators on demography, urbanization, access to health care, surveillance, laboratory capacity and other systems of health system strengths to define exposures,vulnerabilities and country coping capacity,

iii. Develop a Zika virus risk assessment framework that includes indicators of main hazards,exposures, vulnerabilities and lack of coping capacities by country

iv. Implement a Zika virus risk ranking by country in the WHO African region.