In 2012 Uganda experienced many disease outbreaks including Measles, Ebola, Marburg and Nodding disease. Two Ebola outbreaks and one Marburg event were in quick succession and placed the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Red Cross (URCS) as well as other partners under significant pressure to respond to one of the world’s deadliest diseases in three separate locations.

The objectives of the evaluation included: 1. Review current operating procedures of URCS’ epidemic response including the roles and responsibilities of URCS in relation to MoH, WHO and other partners as well as internal structures for coordination and integrations of activities across departments. 2. Review the operational effectiveness and accountability of the response against planned outcomes and the use of DREF funds against proposed activities 3. Evaluate the response of URCS to epidemics, against the needs of beneficiaries and communities focused on the areas of most ‘added value’ of the URCS; community engagement mobilisation and support., documenting any unintended outcomes and best practice related to the operation.