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How can collaborative methods help us understand vaccine hesitancy among youth?

14th June 2022
In this blog, SSHAP researchers reflect on their collaborative and participatory methods used to better understand vaccine hesitancy among youth…
Case Studies

Youth COVID-19 Vaccine Engagement in Cleveland, Ohio, United States

This is a case study about vaccine engagement among youth in Cleveland, Ohio. It forms part of a British Academy-funded research on vaccine uptake in the US and the UK.
Institute of Development Studies

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Minoritised Youth in Cleveland, Ohio, United States

This brief illustrates underlying reasons shaping COVID-19 vaccine attitudes among minority (especially Black and Latinx) youth (ages 12-18) and offers key considerations for how young people can be better engaged within Cleveland, Ohio.
Background Reports

Prioritizing Health: A Human Rights Analysis of Disaster, Vulnerability, and Urbanization in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince

Climate change prompts increased urbanization and vulnerability to natural hazards. Urbanization processes are relevant to a right to health analysis of natural hazards because they can exacerbate pre-disaster inequalities that create vulnerability. The 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince and the 2005…
Health and Human Rights Journal