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Case Studies

Youth COVID-19 Vaccine Engagement in Cleveland, Ohio, United States

This is a case study about vaccine engagement among youth in Cleveland, Ohio. It forms part of a British Academy-funded research on vaccine uptake in the US and the UK.
Institute of Development Studies

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among Minoritised Youth in Cleveland, Ohio, United States

This brief illustrates underlying reasons shaping COVID-19 vaccine attitudes among minority (especially Black and Latinx) youth (ages 12-18) and offers key considerations for how young people can be better engaged within Cleveland, Ohio.
Background Reports

Prioritizing Health: A Human Rights Analysis of Disaster, Vulnerability, and Urbanization in New Orleans and Port-au-Prince

Climate change prompts increased urbanization and vulnerability to natural hazards. Urbanization processes are relevant to a right to health analysis of natural hazards because they can exacerbate pre-disaster inequalities that create vulnerability. The 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince and the 2005…
Health and Human Rights Journal