An Analysis of Migration Health in Kenya was commissioned by theMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS) and the InternationalOrganization for Migration (IOM) to provide an overview of the issue of migration health in Kenya. Information was derived from an extensive literature review and interviews with key informants, including the Government, United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations.The twin goals of Kenya’s Second National Health Sector Strategic Plan are to reduce inequalities in health care and reverse the downward trend in health related impact and outcome indicators (Republic of Kenya,2005a).

By providing an analysis of migration health in Kenya, this report aims to stimulate discussion which will lead to decisive action from theGovernment and partners to ensure migrants may begin to enjoy more equitable access to health services. As migrants do not live in isolation,but rather in diverse communities, their health status has an impact on the community at-large. It is therefore the responsibility of – and in the best interest of – Kenya to cater for their basic health needs.