This alternative report has been prepared by non-governmental organisations of indigenous Pygmy peoples and their supporters: 15 non-governmental organisations that work with indigenous peoples of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Its aim is to present a picture of the situation of indigenous Pygmies. The organisations that have authored this report regret the lack of information on the rights of indigenous Pygmy peoples, and the absence of any commitment to promote and protect them. This is despite the fact that these peoples face numerous forms of discrimination and live in conditions of extreme vulnerability and poverty.

As this report shows, indigenous Pygmy peoples of the DRC are victims of discrimination that is largely due to their gender. However, their ethnicity, and often their poverty, are also factors. In the DRC, indigenous Pygmy peoples continue to suffer discrimination and marginalization. To date, no measures have been taken by the government of the DRC to ensure that indigenous Pygmy peoples can fully enjoy their rights.