How may the spread of the biomedical concept ‘trauma’ as well as cen spirits in Northern Uganda be understood as part of syndemic processes of situated concerned responses to violence? In this chapter, we examine legacies of mass violence for individuals, families and the social worlds in which they live and try to recover. Starting from the situated concerns of persons and families, we suggest that trauma and cen are contested, accepted, or simply ignored to deal with mindful ‘dis-ease’ in post-conflict situations. We are intrigued by the possibility that trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder in particular, are ‘communicable’, and spreading globally. This transmission can be understood in terms of transformations in sensibilities and interventions emanating from the Global North and the appropriation of these within local political and cosmological worlds, incdluing cen, the spirits of the resentful dead, which also seem to be increasing as a legacy of violence.