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Journal Article

Darfur Refugees in Egypt: Suffering out of the Spotlight

Describes the conditions faced by Sudanese refugees in Egypt in recent history.
Research Paper

Political Economy of Violence Against Women in Sudan

Analysis of the main socio-economic, political and cultural factors contributing to the emergence and perpetuation of violence against women, especially in conflict-prone areas
Research Paper

The Sudan Uprising and its Possibilities: Regional revolution, generational revolution, and an end to Islamist politics?

Discusses parallels between the popular uprising in 2019 and Sudan’s two previous popular uprisings, the October Revolution of 1964 and the April Intifada of 1985
London School of Economics

Assessment of Communication, Community Engagement and Accountability in Sudan

Assessed status of response-wide Communication, Community Engagement and Accountability (CCEA) work with the affected population in Sudan.

The ‘Real Politics’ of Taxation in Post-Revolutionary Sudan

Describes Sudan’s tax system and plan to search for domestic tax revenue to respond to economic, political and social uncertainty.
London School of Economics
Research Paper

Sudan’s Political Marketplace in 2021: Public and political finance, the Juba agreement and contests

Examines the continuities and changes in Sudan’s political economy and political marketplace since the popular uprising in 2019 that overthrew the regime of former president Omar al- Bashir, and the subsequent formation of a military-civilian transitional government.
News Article

Egypt: Police Target Sudanese Refugee Activists

Describes political conditions and recent experiences of Sudanese refugees in Egypt which may shape how current Sudanese refugees are treated in the country.

Leaving Sudan: a cyclical journey to safety

9th May 2023
This blog is a first-hand account written by Machar Diu Gatket, a South Sudanese social scientist currently fleeing the conflict…

Protection Analysis May 2022

This update, published in May 2022, analyses priority protection risks and provides a set of recommendations.
Sudan Protection Cluster

High food prices, flooding, and inter-communal clashes continue driving high needs

Sudan food security outlook update describing different drivers of food insecurity among a range of vulnerable population groups.