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Sudan: Update on the humanitarian situation with a focus on the impact on healthcare

This Thematic Report, published on 27 April 2023, provides an update on the impact of conflict on Sudan’s healthcare system using a secondary data review of public sources. Operational constraints and political sensitivities hinder data and information gathering among humanitarian…

As conflict escalates in Sudan, three urgent health issues need addressing

In this article, one of our SSHAP fellows from Sudan, Mariam Sharif, shares an update on the conflict and three…
19th April 2023
Journal Article

Knowledge and Perceptions on Menstrual Hygiene Management Among School-Going Adolescent Girls in South Sudan

This article draws on grounded theory and ethnographic fieldwork approaches and applies a political ecology of adolescent health (PEAH) framework to examine how school-going adolescent girls and their communities perceive sexual and reproductive health education (SRHE) and menstrual hygiene management…
Policy Document

Plan Strategique National de Developpement des Services de Laboratoire de Sante 2021-25 fr

The national strategic plan for developing health laboratory services, from 2021 to 2025, focusing in particular on: improving the delivery of laboratory services, supporting the different pillars of laboratory services, and strengthening governance.
Republique Democratique Du Congo - Ministere De La Sante Publique, Hygiene Et Prevention
Policy Document

Loi cadre sur l’Organisation de la Santé Publique fr

The legal basis for public health action in DRC, grounded in the right to health guaranteed by the DRC constitution.
Ministry of Health, South Sudan
Policy Document

Republic of South Sudan National Health Policy 2016-2026

Written by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of South Sudan, the National Health Policy 2016-2026 puts forth new paradigms for health service delivery, health financing, strategic information, leadership and governance, human resources for health, and access to essential…
Ministry of Health, South Sudan
Journal Article

How Seasonality and Weather affect Perinatal Health: Comparing the Experiences of indigenous and Non-Indigenous Mothers in Kanungu District, Uganda

Maternal and newborn health disparities and impacts of climate change present grand challenges for global health equity, and there remain knowledge gaps on how these challenges intersect. This study examines how mothers are affected by seasonal and meteorological factors in…
Journal Article

Moral distress among Ugandan nurses providing HIV care: A critical ethnography

The phenomenon of moral distress among nurses has been described in a variety of high-income countries and practice settings. No research has been reported that addresses moral distress in severely resource-challenged regions such as sub-Saharan Africa. Through critical ethnography, this…
Science Direct
Journal Article

Managing community engagement in research in Uganda: insights from practices in HIV/AIDS research

Community engagement (CE) in research is valuable for instrumental and intrinsic reasons. Despite existing guidance on how to ensure meaningful CE, much of what it takes to achieve this goal differs across settings. Considering the emerging trend towards mandating CE…
BioMed Central
Journal Article

‘There Were Moments We Wished She Could Just Die’: The Highly Gendered Burden of Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda

Nodding Syndrome (NS) occurs within a wide spectrum of epilepsies seen in onchocerciasis endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa. It has debilitating consequences on affected individuals and increases the socio-economic, physical and psychological burden on care-givers and their households, diminishing their…
SAGE Publications
Journal Article

Whose voices matter? Using participatory, feminist and anthropological approaches to centre power and positionality in research on gender-based violence in emergencies

An expansive view of ‘rigorous’ research is needed, particularly when studying complex health and human rights issues in settings where the power imbalances between research participants, users and producers is heightened. This article examines how applying participatory, feminist and anthropological…
Global Public Health
Journal Article

The social dimensions of community delivery of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy in Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy with is a key malaria prevention strategy. We conducted an anthropological study to understand the social context of a community based approach to delivering sulphadoxine pyrimethamine (C-IPTp) through community health workers (CHWs) in four countries…
BMJ Global Health